Aug 2, 2015

The Case of the Hummingbird Imposter

Having to move to Sturgeon Bay, this seems to be the only Hummingbird that has been attracted to my feeder (thus far). I believe it is a fellow down the street who voted for Obama and believes Hillary is a victim of 'right-wing' vicious attacks (you know like they did to Bush and Condi), who annoyed me while cutting grass insisting I was a racist for not supporting Obama; and said I was 'delusional denier' because I do not believe in the global warming hoax, insensitve because I am against the Planned Parenthood Gestapo, 'homophobic' because I am against the US Supreme Court telling state governments they must recognize same-sex marriage, a 'radical' because I support the Tea Party and constitutionalism, that I shoud die because I am a 'baby-boomer' who is stealing younger generation's social security benefits, I am 'NeoCon' Neanderthal because I believe in 2nd Amendment and belong to the NRA. and 'Islamophobic' for warning about Islamic fascists in our homeland and their murderous destruction elsewhere - not realizing that I know the enemy after my excursion to liberate Kuwait from members of the 'religion of peace' in Persian Gulf. He calls himself a Democrat, but his political platform is democratic-socialism believing that anyone that disagrees with him and does not support his ideology and misquotations of the books of the Bible and is a relative of the Biblical ass despite believing that Christians should not be seen nor heard, apparently never looks upon his own reflection. Meanwhile feeding for free from my feeder meant for true Hummingbirds insisting that he IS a Hummingbird, he insists that I am delusional for not believing he is a hummingbird ...

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