Nov 19, 2015

First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving began as part of the religion of the English colonists (who had emigrated to Holland because of religious persecution) called Pilgrims who made thanksgiving prayers a part of their religious ceremonies. It was days of prayer, not just feasting.
Contrary to belief, the first thanksgiving feast with Native Americans occurred by a spontaneous desire to celebrate and give thanks for their lifesaving harvest.The local natives had played a big part in their survival of that first winter in 1620. The colonists had landed in December at the beginning of winter, and although they had provisions, there wasn't any harvest of crops to store. Actually, it was poor planning by the London Stock Company that had financed the expedition to found a settlement.
Landing of the Pilgrims

Nov 14, 2015

Weapons of Choice: Savage Model A17

Savage has worked on a rifle that will properly fire the .17 HMR cartridge in a semi-automatic rifle for a little over two years. While the .17 HMR has been around in bolt-action rifles for some time, the modernized so-called 'varmint' ammunition has been an improved cartridge versus the .22 caliber magnum for small game hunting and 100-yard target practice. It is still economical, especially for those who have been using the .223 caliber (5.56mm) for small game hunting rather than using .22 magnum for small game hunting up to the size of boars.

Nov 9, 2015

So You Have A Concealed Carry Permit. What About Training?

Citizens of the United States are the only people of a nation with a national constitution written for the People and established rights, liberties and rules for government by the People. Despite in recent decades of politicians ignoring that Constitution and its articles and amendments because of apathy and ignorance towards that Constitution – one amendment to that constitution stands out among other constitutions of other nations: the Second Amendment. It is a simple paragraph that simply states that each citizen is expected to be militia to defend the nation and its constitution against foreign and domestic enemies, and if necessary, to overthrow a government turned to tyranny and who does not abide by the articles and amendments of the Constitution of the United States. The Second Amendment guarantees that each lawful citizen has the right to keep and bear arms.
NOTE: One exception among foreign nations is Switzerland, who has a small standing army for defense purposes and relies upon its citizen militia to be on call in case of national emergency. Every able-bodied citizen undergoes basic training and when completed goes home with necessary combat gear to include a military weapon and expected to practice marksmanship periodically. 
With every right and liberty, especially the Second Amendment, there is responsibility to enact that right effectively, legally, and safely. Liberties and rights demand responsibility; just as the duty and task of each citizen to vote – and do so responsibly.
Today, most states recognize the Second Amendment to the US Constitution, but in order to carry a concealed firearm/weapon, one must apply for a permit that requires a background check, fingerprinting, and, in most cases, a credited handling and safety course for handguns.
Whether required or not, and even if a concealed permit carrier is a military veteran, it would be best to attend a training program or retraining program to refresh and bone-up on skills required for self defense. There are quality schools across the nation, but the one that stands out to meet the above criteria, teaching marksmanship, correct handling, and discipline required for self-defense and combat-type shooting required.

Nov 2, 2015

American Hero: Kenneth E. Stumpf

Kenneth E. Stumpf joined the Army from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and by April 25, 1967 was serving as a Specialist Four in Company C, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division. On that day, near Đức Phổ in the Republic of Vietnam, Stumpf rescued three wounded comrades despite heavy fire and single-handedly disabled an enemy bunker. He was subsequently promoted to Staff Sergeant and awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during the battle. Stumpf reached the rank of Sergeant Major before retiring from the Army.