Dec 23, 2013

Will Magpul Industries Make Big Move Out of Colorado?

Magpul Industries Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of polymer firearms accessories and custom-concept firearms. Gunsmiths who make custom AR15 type rifles for customers use Magpul parts and accessories because of their quality. The company is located in Erie, Colorado providing jobs for 200 employees.
In March of 2013, despite Colorado majority public opposition, the Colorado Senate Judiciary Committee and State Senate voted to advance the most extreme gun control legislation in Colorado history. They voted to advance the following anti-firearm bills:
  • House Bill 224: Bans magazines with a capacity greater than fifteen rounds.
  • Senate Bill 196: Holds all manufacturers, distributors and owners of any rifle, excluding bolt action, they produce, sell or use, liable if that gun is misused to harm another person. [Note that the definition in the bill of an “assault weapon” includes a single shot or double-barreled shotgun and any break-open single-shot rifle as well as every semi-automatic rifle and shotgun].
  • House Bill 1226: Repeals current law allowing individuals with a concealed carry permit to carry a firearm for self-defense on a college or university campus.
  • House Bill 1228: Imposes a “gun tax” for a background check when purchasing a firearm. [Like Wisconsin does for handgun purchases]
  • House Bill 1229: Criminalizes the private transfer of a firearm.
Like the biggest proposed gun and magazine ban in American history came from the defeated S.150 bill orchestrated by Senator Dianne Feinstein [D-CA] whose campaign against the Second Amendment has been going on since the 1980s, Colorado state politicians made the same move in early 2013.
By October of 2013, Colorado citizens made a clear message: Take Our Freedom, Lose Your Job. In the meantime, back in March of 2013, Magpul Industries declared that if the bill passed they would move their corporation to another state away from “occupied territory”.
In October 2013, after the anti-Second Amendment bills passed and signed by Governor of Colorado, and twoColorado Democrats were ousted by a recall vote – the company had not moved by October, much to disappointment of angered Colorado citizens.
In October angry folks in Colorado wonders if the company was all talk, delivering empty threats. Indeed, sales rose when the company announced it would move if the bills passed – and the bills DID pass.
According to Duane Liptak, director of product management and marketing, he stated that the company has moved some of its capacities out of Colorado. Liptak also stated they have to work with present employees before announcements were to be made and the new location would be made public by end of the year or at the Shot Show being held in Las Vegas starting on January 14th.
Magpul for everyone
Many Colorado elected sheriffs are refusing to enforce new gun laws passed in the state. Sheriffs are a unique branch of law enforcement, elected by the people in a county and usually take their oath to protect the US Constitution and its rights under the amendments seriously. Indeed, there is a coalition of constitutional sheriffs that has become nationwide organization; and citizens are ensuring that whoever they elect as sheriff will stand against anti-Second Amendment laws passed by state or federal government. The sheriffs' are taking a stand despite a ruling by US District Judge Marcia Kreiger, who stated that sheriffs don't have legal standing to challenge the laws in their official capacity. Wrong – they have sworn an oath like other law enforcement, state and government elected officials to protect the Constitution as well.
Fifty-five our of 62 elected sheriffs have joined in a lawsuit to overturn the new gun laws.
The sheriffs say that it the laws are unenforceable and provide a false sense of security, according to Greeley Tribune.
All the while, a third recall effort took place and Democrat state senator Evie Hudak resigned in November.
Magpul Magazine Sleeves
Constitutionalists say it is a wake-up call for politicians who do not abide by their oaths of office and push for legislation against articles and amendments of the US Constitution.
The NRA[ILA] published an article entitled Lott: Waking a sleeping giant in Colorado. Indeed, the two major tragedies in Colorado concerning multiple deaths by a shooter stems from a problem in our society as well as the background system not coordinating with mental health facilities to ensure that anyone under psychiatric care not allowed to purchase a weapon. If someone in that theater in Aurora, Colorado [who had a conceal-carry permit] was allowed to have their firearm with them [theater management posted “No Firearms Allowed” signs] – one of them could have reduced the death and casualty toll by taking the shooter out – bullet-proof vest or not. As far as Columbine, all of the danger signals were there but no one bothered to follow up before two deranged students shot students and faculty. Real prevention methods were not taken.
In May of 2013, the NRA supported the lawsuit against gun control laws in Colorado that was filed by 54 Colorado county sheriffs.
Colorado politicians are going to damage much of the revenue they receive by the Magpul move and other companies who have threatened to follow. Another big funding for Colorado to the tune of $3 billion is the hunting, fishing, and wildlife parks.
It was July 1st 2013 that the gun restrictions laws took effect.
Magpul Mags are Tough
January 18th there was a report that the background-check system in Colorado would not get extra funding to get help for its backlogged system because of increase in conceal-carry permit applications.
In early 2014, the public should learn where Magpul will move to. It has received an invitation from Alaska and Texas, the latter who has boosted its commerce because of industries moving there from Mexifornia. Shield Tactical has announced plans to move to Shiner, Texas. It is unknown how many of the 200 employees at Magpul will move with the company. It will probably end up a multi-state operation. It is reported that other Colorado companies are following suit. complete firearms, firearm accessories and consults in firearms design.  
Magpul sells Magpul also sells accessories to the US military used in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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