Aug 31, 2013

Strict Firearm Restriction Bill Sparks State Senate Recall in Colorado

Colorado, one of the Western states, rich in American history, beautiful mountains with ski resorts and scenic landscape, has become one of the states that has put draconian restrictions on firearms and firearm owners. It was because of the horrific tragedy during a midnight showing of the latest Batman series films at a theater in Aurora, Colorado [suburb of Denver] that triggered the anti-firearm movement in that state.
Colorado has more firearms than there are people and more than 100,000 men and women hold concealed carry permits which means they attended at least a safety course, and if they were smart, a self-defense course by a certified professional.
Yet, the horrific episode in Aurora, Colorado was not caused by firearms or a certain type of firearm- it was caused by a system that hasn't worked because in government, one department doesn't know what the other is doing. The shooter had been undergoing therapy at the University of Colorado, and his psychotherapist thought his problems were so severe that he contacted the police to warn them he could be a danger to other people. The tragedy that occurred in that theater than night could have been prevented by authorities acting upon the advice of a licensed psychotherapist; and if the theater had not posted “No Firearms” signs, license to carry would have been attending that night with a means of defending themselves and others in the theater – saving the taxpayers the money to put the deranged madman into the ground instead of in a courtroom and jail.
Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, stated that firearms were not the issue, but the killer's mental state. Months later, however, Governor Hickenlooper shocked citizens when he announced he would push for firearm restrictions upon law-abiding firearm owners. With the help of Colorado state senator John Morse and senator Angela Giron, strict restrictions on firearm owners were passed into law.
Outraged, citizens proceeded to recall Mr. Morse and Ms. Giron, the first recall in the state's history – most likely it will succeed and they will lose their elected offices.
The restrictions were so poorly written, states the Washington Times, that they could make nearly all magazines, regardless of capacity, illegal. They render gun transfers so onerous that a gun buy-back in Colorado was just canceled because there is no way for the guns turned in to be destroyed. The poorly written legislation reminds me of the Obamacare bill that congressional members passed without reading or examining its lengthy pages.
The bill was written so badly that County Sheriffs of Colorado, 62 of them, opposed it. Governor Hickenlooper refused all calls from these sheriffs to let him know he signed a bad piece of legislation.
Of course, anti-gun mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, has sent “consultants” and money into the recall districts to prevent the recall of the anti-Second Amendment politicians in Colorado. It is reminiscent of the Wisconsin push to recall Governor Walker, backed by big money unions from across the United States.
Citizens of Colorado are evidently not asking for a recall of Governor Hickenlooper because he faces reelection next year.
The National Rifle Association has helped with email, phone banks, and a mailer to assist in recalling the two Democrat state senators, and Morse, who has been known to be outspoken, called his opponents idiots who lied, cheated and stole to force a recall.
Keeping our liberties, as Benjamin Franklin skeptically thought 'We the People' could not retain a republic; is a never-ending battle – especially when it comes to the first two amendments since the 1960s. 
Because of these restrictions in the state of Colorado, at least one manufacturer threatens to leave Colorado for a state that abides by the Second Amendment.  

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