Aug 22, 2013

In the News: Arkansas School with Armed Faculty

(Fox News, Todd Starnes) … Media, politicians, and progressives in general think that disarming the populace is the solution to firearm violence and protect children. A private school in Arkansas sees things differently, probably noticing that government schools do not allow administration and staff to volunteer to exercise second amendment rights and protect themselves and their wards – the students. Progressives idea of protection is to post a sign forbidding firearms near and within educational institutions, spending tax money for police protection and some schools in violent gang-filled neighborhoods, provide a metal detecting device to use on anyone entering the building. Some schools even have bullet-proof entrances that can only be unlocked by a staff member present at the main entrance. As in the Aurora, Colorado theater massacre, a sign was posted forbidding even those with conceal-and-carry permits to bring firearms into the building. Statistics show that those intending to commit violent crimes and mass murder choose places where they know they people present will be unarmed.
Fox News photo
Outside the Arkansas Christian Academy in Arkansas, a sign is posted [left] that reads:
Staff is armed and trained. Any attempt to harm children will be met with deadly force.
According to Fox News, Perry Black, school administrator stated:
...the purpose of the sign is to prevent us from ever having to use any kind of force. We have a moral obligation to protect those children in our care and we're dedicated to doing that with whatever means are necessary. I'd rather be in the news for having a sign than having a tragedy. … We would prefer to limit our activities to just lovingly caring for people in our care, but occasionally there are those predators outside who would like to harm little sheep in our care. As shepherds, it is our responsibility to provide the protection until we can get the law enforcement here to take care of matters.
Just about on a daily basis, somewhere in America lives are saved by people who have firearms, usually reported by local media, the national mainstream media ignores that and picks and chooses upon what they report on – something that provides an anti-firearm, anti-second amendment attitude. OpEd and opinion columns constantly ignore truthful statistics that show places where the citizens arm themselves and ensure they are trained to handle firearms safely and react properly [video games is not a self-defense training program] have lower violent crime incidents. Predators do not like victims that fight back. 
The Thug Culture that Killed Chris Lane 

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