Dec 23, 2013

EPA Enforcement: Raising Consumer Cost Again

The EPA, arm of big government, has pushed their authority into the private sector again. This time it is the use of lead in bullets and shotshells. To be fair, the EPA petition is also targeting lead fishing sinkers in which they say has killed wildlife.
Problem is they are replacing the lead bullets and shot with copper, which is an expensive metal, just check the going price with local metal recycle center or examine how high electrical wiring has gone up. It is a push for "Green" ammo.
It is all in the name of harmful emissions prevention, just like what happened to aerosol cans and air conditioners when the consumers foot the bill for changing its content to safeguard the ozone layer of the atmosphere – which proved to be just another part of junk science. Junk scientists try to convince that the age-old Mother Earth that has taken cosmic meteoroid and asteroid attacks over its history and mass volcanic activity will be seriously and permanently affected by humans using aerosol spray cans. It is as Daniel Mitchell had warned back in 2009 about politically motivated science being junk science.

The state of California is a leading state in this endeavor, it is also a state that is anti-Second Amendment preventing legal citizens the right to defend themselves while criminals run a muck in the once Golden State.
This is same big government mentality group is the one who took away the choice between the standard light bulb to the “new and improved” light bulb that now is polluting land fills with mercury from CFL bulbs. Soon the CFL bulbs will only what anyone can purchase because of government mandate. People that “serve” in Congress think they can legislate everything away – crime and adverse weather and climate among them. They know as much about science as they do the Constitution.
When government gets their hands on how ammunition is made, costs are going to skyrocket; which leads many to believe that this push to replace lead is just an ulterior motive in their efforts to make it unaffordable to purchase ammunition for sports and range practice. It is also going to raise the cost of government because law enforcement that is not using military ball ammunition will have to purchase the same environmentally correct ammo. The military has already turned to "green" ammunition development.

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