Oct 31, 2014

Benghazi Update: Did Hillary Clinton Order a Purge of Documents?

The House Select Committee on Benghazi is preparing for first hearing this week. To kick it off, a former State Department diplomat, Raymond Maxwell, has stepped forward to blow the whistle concerning an operation to allegedly “separate” damaging documents before being turned over to the Accountability Review Board investigating security lapses involving the September 11, 2012 Islamic Jihad attack in Benghazi, Libya. But, hey, what difference does it make?
Maxwell became one of four State Department officials singled out for discipline, scapegoated, after showing up in the operation uninvited on a weekend in the basement of the State Department's 'Foggy Bottom' headquarters. It is similar circumstances that occurred with the Whitewater scandal investigation decades ago, where documents concerning the real estate scam involving Hillary Clinton and lawyer staff, were found in a closet after the Clintons moved to the White House.
When he arrived, Maxwell says he observed boxes and stacks of documents. He says a State Department office director, whom Maxwell described as close to Clinton’s top advisers, was there. Though the office director technically worked for him, Maxwell says he wasn’t consulted about her weekend assignment. She told me, ‘Ray, we are to go through these stacks and pull out anything that might put anybody in the [Near Eastern Affairs] front office or the seventh floor in a bad light,’” says Maxwell. He says “seventh floor” was State Department shorthand for then-Secretary of State Clinton and her principal advisers. I asked her, ‘But isn’t that unethical?’ She responded, ‘Ray, those are our orders.’ A few minutes after he arrived, Maxwell says, in walked two high-ranking State Department officials.
One of those two 'officials' was Cheryl Mills, Hillary's chief of staff and a former White House counsel who defended Bill Clinton during his impeachment trial.
Documents examined and separated included pre-attack telegrams and cables between the US embassy in Tripoli and State Department headquarters. Clinton and other officials present during that document sifting procedure declined an interview and offered no comment.
Raymond Maxwell spoke with investigative correspondent, Sharyl Attkisson in Washington, DC. She has taken the stance that Obama's whereabouts during Benghazi attacks are 'Unacceptably Private'.
Maxwell's ordeal was in a poem he wrote (one of two) after being placed on leave after the incident:
The Queen's Henchmen
request the pleasure of your company
at a Lynching
to be held
at 23rd and C Streets NW
on Tuesday, December 18, 2012
just past sunset.
Dress: Formal, Masks and Hoods -
the four being lynched
must never know the identities
of their executioners, or what
whose sin required their sacrifice.
A blood sacrifice -
to divert the hounds -
to appease the gods -
to cleanse our filth and
satisfy their guilty consciences …
Maxwell was put on administrative leave, which means one does not get paid during that time and after several weeks he made an appointment to address his status with the State Department who assured him he was still going to get paid and 'it's not about you; it's about Hillary and 2016'.
Maxwell retired from the State Department and later obtained a master's degree in library information science.
Sharyl Attkisson has been freed from her CBS bias “overlords”, as Keith Koffler put it and …
can continue her aggressive coverage of the administration's scandals.
In an unrelated incident, but concerning Hillary Clinton who answered a question about immigration with:
We need to elect more Democrats.
Indeed, but it looks like Democrats will not be doing well this congressional election year. It may be a sign that Americans are finally waking up and hopefully will endeavor toward more responsible voting; which includes choosing candidates and those seeking reelection, who are lettered in constitutional law and abide by their oaths of office – whatever political club they belong to or independent.

Hillary and Bill Clinton belong to the elite political club whose numbers have grown over the decades who place themselves on pedestals, built on corruption, who deem themselves above the law and unaccountable. And then there are brain-dead people like Nancy Pelosi.
This Halloween, Hillary represents the proverbial 'Wicked Witch of the East'.

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