Oct 13, 2014

Josie Outlaw: 'Civil Disobedience' and Anarchy

In 1849, transcendentalist, Henry David Thoreau published an essay entitled Resistance to Civil Government (later entitled “Civil Disobedience). It was motivated with his disgust with slavery and the Mexican-American War.
An American who goes by the name Josie the Outlaw, is a person who does not preach about government reform, a central government limited by the articles written in the US Constitution – but is against government altogether.

While I am for our federal government's power being snipped and reduced to constitutional limitations; anyone believing that any nation can operate without any government is naïve and is considered an anarchist. Anarchy produces chaos, and if it ends a government it is historically replaced with something worse than when the rebellion began.
She is right that while one political party is worse than the other – neither have stuck to the articles and amendments of the Constitution. Republicans insist that they are a constitutional party, yet have allowed the income tax system to remain in effect – a criminal law system that taxes people's earned income before they can bank it to decide how it should be spent. It is a tax system that is unfair, where a growing majority of citizens do not pay or pay much less than others in taxation through the shell game called “income tax returns”. If the national tax system was based upon a fixed percentage of what is consumed (purchased), then everyone pays according to what they spend. 
That means that the so-called 'progressive' tax system within the income tax system, incrementally increasing the percentage of taxation by the amount a person makes annually would be null and void. People do not seem to understand the mathematics involved – when tax is by percentage based upon consumption, those that have more spend more and thus pay more taxes. That consumption tax cannot be a taxation upon homes or groceries – necessities of life. It must be a flat tax that can only be changed by a two-thirds majority vote in Congress, the amount it takes for an amendment to pass; and ratified by majority of state governments.
Tax time is coming upon us where so much money, both by government and the people, is spent in submitting required tax reforms to determine what is owed by either government (overtaxed) or the people (undertaxed). The system is a complex tax system that even those who work in the infamous IRS government offices cannot understand fully. It is a tax system that is consistently being cheated; infamously by the politicians who will not change it. 
But a country that has no law or government is not a country. It is going from one extreme to another. Constitutional law was written to ensure that freedom and liberty went beyond 1776; but without law or those who enforce it - what kind of world does Josie the Outlaw suggest? 
To say that our government has been obsessed with laws is an understatement, but no law is ridiculous and not in contention with reality. Liberty and freedom cannot be maintained without limited laws.  
Josie the Outlaw presents a video entitled The End of Oppression
Interview by Anarchast, YouTube, of Josie. Is she an anarchist? … Anarchists at Anarchast promote anarchy, but state they really do not promote true anarchy. [January 2014]
Freedom and liberty must prevail, but NO LAWS No government, Josie?
Also check out Larken Rose touching subjects and putting everyone in one basket, like his video - When Should You Shoot a Cop? Apparently Mr. Rose has not followed the Oath Keepers and Constitutionalist Sheriff websites.

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