Oct 20, 2014

As a Congressional Election Approaches ...

In twelve days it will be Hallows' Eve, which we have come to know as Halloween; which is actually the night before what was the original celebration – All Saints' Day, the feast of All Hallows' Day, long forgotten in modern culture. In some cultures it is called All Soul's Day or Day of the Dead, echoes from history of a time when superstition reigned over common sense and knowledge – suppressed by an element of society that feared an educated society.

In sixteen days, it will be what is called midterm congressional elections. If you did not participate in primary voting, you have relinquished the process of choosing candidates who will represent respective political parties, one from each traditional political club. If you ignored the importance of primary elections, the stigma of being forced to choose the 'lesser evil' candidate, which those traditions have mandated there be only two political factions: Democrats and Republicans.
The Founders began leading our colonial society away from the oppression of British rule during a time called the Age of Reason. While there were different thoughts about how to best create a new nation from the conflict of an armed rebellion, there was no organized political factions to deal with until after the creation of the articles and amendments of the Constitution of the United States. Even as those two traditional political factions were formed, it separated men who once spent hours debating as to what was the best type of government that would continue the liberties and freedom fought so hard for in material and physical suffrage.
John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were unlikely friends; and Alexander Hamilton was different than both of them. Adams was dynamic and outspoken and at the beginning of the creation of the government of the United States and initiating diplomatic ties with European nations, John Adams wanted to retain the prestige of traditional English aristocracy mixed with moral and civic values. In that, Hamilton tended to agree with Adams.
Jefferson was opposite in personality, quiet and reserved, his pen did most of his talking, having the better ability to express thoughts on parchment rather than spoken words; but when he did speak amongst his fellow statesmen, they usually listened.
Jefferson became quite close to John Adams and his family, respecting Mrs. Adams for her eloquence and education, who often provided advice to her husband and encouraged him when politics when make John discouraged.
After the Constitution was completed after long debate and the new nation was established, public elections required a verbal stand-off between candidates – some of the debates being quite passionate. During the course of that process, Adams' and Jefferson's close relationship paid the price of political disagreement. It was not until both had grown old and out of mainstream politics that the friendship renewed through correspondence shared between them. They both died on the same day – July 4th – the official designated day of Independence.
Today, the matters of politics is still debated between two traditional political factions; sometimes interrupted by a third-party candidate, like the Libertarian Party. It is not that third political parties did not try to form and become popular enough with the people, it is just that the two traditional parties agreed with each other on one thing: no third party could be tolerated. Sometimes the monotony of the political fray between Democrats and Republicans are interrupted by independent candidates, but the bias mainstream media (press) ensures that the majority of voters do not take them seriously.
Our nation has reached a point in political evolution where it is radical, according to the Democrats and some Republicans, that candidates for public office and those holding office who are constitutionalists rather than concern for the political platform of a political organization. It is said of them, that they are clinging to a constitution that is outdated and does not apply to a 'progressive' modern society. If that progression turns down the basic concept of moral and civic conduct and decides to pick-and-choose what should be kept and abide by those wise articles and amendments that provided a solid foundation that began our nation and helped it become so successful – then those progressives are denying fundamental truths for whatever hidden, personal reason. Some have just become blind followers, afraid they will be proved to be puppets of a grand scheme, used by the type of tyrannical element that the original revolution was about.
On November 4th, those that want true reformation and our nation returned to its status as role model to other nations will be performing their duty, a moral and civic obligation, with hope of returning that which We the People allowed the ruling party to take from us.
The President of the United States has much to be responsible for, and too often is blamed for what Congress decides. So if the American citizens want real reformation, they must clean out Congress and at the same time begin cleansing society of apathy and ignorance.
Ignorance is something one should not be ashamed of, because there is a possibility to be enlightened. Opposite is the condition of stupidity, where the ignorant refuse to accept realities and truths, even when plainly laid before them. Stupidity breeds fools and fools tolerate out of their self-afflicted ignorance those that can and will have the power over every facet of life that should naturally be a matter of personal choices; all the while realizing that with the freedom of those choices comes the responsibility to accept the consequences. It is the latter that people have come to fear, surrendering their liberties and freedom of choice to society's self-prescribed elite that will hold their tyranny over the People with force, if necessary.
That is the conundrum that society faces today, symbolized by the bickering of two political organizations that has deteriorated into a state where the difference between the two lessens as corruption and power seek to dissolve constitutional law for their selfish purposes.
Those selfish, self-serving elite We the People seem to have the habit of electing, are only reflections upon a society that mirrors those self-serving values and the ancient and international golden secular rule is thrown out into the waste bin of history.
Our nation began with a society that had a background of Judeo-Christian moral fortitude; but the Founders preferred a secular government that mandated no particular religion although bonded under the umbrella of Christianity. It seems, however, that American society cannot find the middle ground between Puritanism and atheistic worship of the totalitarian state.
Society must heal itself before it can mend wounds of the constitutional foundation of government. It must look itself in a mirror with intent to be realistic and truthful – and fervently insist that limitations upon government and constitutional law once again be the gist of all whom we elect and what they do For the People.
In the Book of Matthew, located in the New Testament, are wise words of a man who inspired and used words of wisdom to show the way in which humans should live; being the most influential human in the history of Earth. It simply states that before we can expect to reform others, we must first tend to our shortcomings … Book of Matthew Chapter 7:
For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged … And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
...Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.
If voters select candidates that meet their expectations, and those expectations is to welcome and allow them to control our lives; their policies and agenda being against constitutional law – then they get the government they deserve. However, those that love freedom and liberties and understand the process of keeping those liberties and ensuring that government remains limited in its power of the people – suffer right along with the fools.
Your civic duty is not just to vote, but vote responsibly, armed with knowledge, not blind ignorance and self-afflicted stupidity that follows those looking upon you as peasants instead of fellow citizens.
Humanity tend to embellish their heroes and the Founders of the United States are not exceptions, but it is foolish to ignore their wisdom and the words they have delegated to the generations that have waste their efforts to establish and maintain a great constitutional republic.

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