Oct 23, 2014

Truth Will Always Find Its Way To Discovery Even Though It Was There All The Time

Remember the progressive democrat-socialist chant: “Bush lied, people died”?
Senator Edward Kennedy described the Bush administration intelligence agencies finding about WMDs in Iraq secretly stockpiled despite cease-fire mandates and then secretly sent to Syria before the invasion of Iraq against Saddam Hussein
Before the war, week after week after week after week, were were told lie after lie after lie.
The New York Times was one of the newspapers who wrote extensively that GW Bush lied about the WMDs in Iraq so he could get votes to declare war in Congress from Democrats. The same story came from the progressive congress members and the Internet became flooded with “Bush Lied” slogans and banners. After losing its political ammunition, it died away when BH Obama swore in as President in 2008, electing the real liar.
Progressive depiction of Bush
The same news media, The New York Times, produces a front-page story entitled The Secret Casualties of Iraq's Abandoned Chemical Weapons in eight parts. …
In all, American troops secretly reported finding roughly 5,000 chemical warheads, shells or aviation bombs, according to interviews with dozens of participants, Iraqi and American officials, and heavily redacted intelligence documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.
A former US Army sergeant (Jarrod L. Taylor) along with soldiers in his unit, destroyed mustard gas munitions that burned two soldiers in the infantry company tasked to perform the job; but since the WMD existence was classified and troops were told to be quiet about it.
You probably are not aware that in 2006, the largest chemical weapon discovery was found at a former Republican Guard compound totaling to 2,400 nerve-agent rockets unearthed.
Progressive Democrat-Socialists owe former President George W. Bush a formal and sincere apology; and that includes the progressive mouthpiece, The New York Times and its accompanying mainstream media who perpetuated the lie that Bush lied.
Now ISIS has found some of the Saddam Hussein chemical munitions that the democratic-socialists said did not exist.
Is it not ironic and disgusting that the Democratic Party seems to be on the side of enemies of free nations and the United States?
One truth remains about presidential lying: BH Obama and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, lied concerning the death of four Americans at Benghazi and ignored the pleas of help from Ambassador Stevens on the night/morning of September 11th/12th of 2012.
Where is the outrage from The New York Times about that?
Obama and Hillary had to lie because the Great Obama wanted to be reelected.
What's the excuse of the Times and the other mainstream media?
They should have hounded and kept the story until justice was done, just like they hound and fan the flames of vigilante actions concerning the death of Michael Brown in St. Louis.
But they cannot seem to bring themselves to do that, not with Obama and friends holding the strings.
Another slogan perpetuated by the mainstream progressive-controlled media was “Blood for Oil, referring to the Iraq War. If it were true, where is the oil and why is petrol still so expensive?
Lyndon Johnson lied about the Vietnam War, Richard Nixon about Watergate, and Bill Clinton lied about having a sexual affair with a young intern in the Oval Office. Not one of them were impeached, and Richard Nixon resigned rather than undergo an impeachment trial – something that Bill Clinton's character would not allow. Clinton also lied about he economy. Americans actually believed him when he declared and boasted a 'government surplus'. The truth is that the state of the economy was ordered to be held in wraps (to Greenberg) until after the presidential election, GW Bush won and wasn't in office more than a couple of weeks when the media instantly blamed Bush for the Wall Street plunge, the plunging dollar and other economical fiasco that Clinton with the help of the cooperating mainstream media held under wraps. It was testament against the Federal Reserve system - but we allow our leadership to keep it in place, just like the income tax - which work hand-in-hand in keeping control of the money and the people under the thumb of government bureaucracy with the help of regulations that proclaim to be the betterment of the people they are subjugating. Star Parker hit on the head when she called the federal government the plantation that has forged chains upon its citizens that are not as visible as the chains of the slavery era. 
President GW Bush made a decision based upon the findings of his officials in his administration – as a president is expected to do. GW Bush, in his speech to justify taking Hussein out, never mentioned WMDs, but instead mentioned he had violated the cease-fire agreement of the Gulf War and sanctions imposed by the international community.
President BH Obama ignores findings of his intelligence and military experts and does the opposite of what is advised; if there are any capable people in his administration left.
Obama's presidential campaign hinged upon the failings of GW Bush, not the senator from Illinois's capabilities or qualifications. Just being a Democrat and not a Republican was good enough for voters, being an African American was a bonus.
Common sense and the wisdom that the founders of our nation exercised has disappeared into history because We the People allow those that operate our government put political aspirations and agenda above all else. Citizens are quick to point fingers at politicians but fail to realize that it is the majority of our society that puts them there and encourages them to do what the will, constitution, national security and sovereignty be damn.
A media that does not provide the people with the tool of knowledge to make voting decisions is a useless and dangerous entity; as we watch an inept federal government unable to contain and destroy Islamic Jihadism and maintain a feasible economy.
The stock market wobbles as an historical record of Americans are dropping out of the workforce and homeless veterans are on the rise. All the while, a president and compliant congressional members stand by as the national debt rises alarmingly, their fix being more regulations and more spending. Cutting benefits from veterans while sending millions and billions to other nations, other people. Refusing to become energy self-sufficient in the name of the false god of ecology. Watching Russian President Vladimir Putin act like a tiger awakened from its sleep, a man who reminiscences about the 'good old days' of the Soviet Union when he was an officer of the infamous KGB. Meanwhile, our president is a laughing stock, pictured not as a tiger or a lion, but an impotent domesticated cat. Instead of standing on the high ground, our leadership chooses to pacify and cut deals with enemies of the free world, Western civilization and all that generations before fought and died for.
Political Differenecs
Internal agencies continue their corrupt and unethical practices, like the IRS, VA, NSA, HUD, and the other bureaucratic power-bloated agencies who no longer look at themselves as servants of the public, but the public as their peasants. Meanwhile, the public, voters, brainwashed and conditioned over the decades; refuses to end the income tax system and the 16th Amendment that should never have passed a constitutional congress or president.
The majority jumps on the band wagon for more bureaucracy via the Affordable Health Care Act, infamously called Obamacare; when the government announces that it cannot maintain the socialist program initiated by FDR called Social Security – a mandated retirement program. Despite good advice from economists and other experts, social security has not been turned over to the people it belongs to, providing them with a choice to invest in private accounts or continue to be a part of a dysfunctional government program.
The Constitution mandates that Congress shall have the power and responsibility of operating the US postal system – but it has shown it is even inept in performing that function. Americans stupidly concede to turn over a large portion of the US Gross National Product, health care, to the same government (those that operate it), and expect different results. While insurance companies lobby for more regulations in their favor – the consumers and their employees fit the bill; which includes the overpriced medical and health care institutions that pad bills and care more about profit than their patients.
The instruments of all these woes are politicians; but they would not be able to act if it weren't for an apathetic ignorant voting base that puts them in office and keeps them there – even if it is clear that they are not performing required tasks and the job they are being paid for by the taxpayers.
The economy is stricken, mostly because of those draconian regulations; but also because we have a tax system that punishes those that work towards success and progress, catering to those that do not. A progressive tax that is based upon a percentage system is an insult to anyone's intelligence, at least those that understand the mechanics of mathematics. But the government is fixing that problem with programs like Common Core and dumb-down education, brainwashing our children to become slaves of the state just as Stalin, Mao, and Hitler did.
It seems we choose leadership who continues to perform the same actions despite its failures, a stupid way to do things like Albert Einstein stated that new answers to problems is required if we expect different results.
It is about time, hopefully not too late, to put the US Constitution and the People first in the thoughts and actions of those the majority votes in office to operate OUR government.
That means that citizens must perform their duty as responsible voters and keep tabs on those the majority elects, for when it comes to our rights and liberties – no one can be completely trusted.
November 4th will be a decisive election, as we watch Democrats and RINOs crumble under the weight of corruption, ineptness, and indecisiveness. Elizabeth Warren blames it all on the mean and terrible Republicans, for Democrats can do not wrong - publicly. She says the 'game is rigged' - forgetting how Democrats get elected: voters voting more than once and/or under an assumed name.

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