Oct 29, 2014

Time To Renew Letters of Marque? "Let Slip the Dogs of War" and Soldiers of Fortune

Our leadership is inept at making strategic decisions against ISIS (ISIL), the most recent Islamic Jihad organizational threat and have wasted funds, material and American lives saving a nation and then watch it overrun by the likes of ISIS.
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Bob Barr says we used contracted mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan – so why not continue that program? The liberal progressives known only to talk, which has no effect upon the enemy. …
Since the dawn of war, governments have used paid, private armies to protect kingdoms, carry out dangerous missions, and vanquish enemies. This reality is reflected even in the Constitution of the United States, which provides that Congress has the power to issue “Letters of Marque and Reprisal.” These devices are official governments licenses granted to private sailors to hunt down and attack enemy ships (Sen. Rand Paul’s father, former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, asserted that this power should be used today to fight piracy off the east coast of Africa). The use of private militaries and Letters of Marque make sense on today’s battlefields, where victory is not necessarily determined by the biggest army, the most sophisticated air support, or the heaviest artillery. The modern enemy often does not wear a uniform, nor does he always fight for a single country or even a country at all. Even with the most fearsome fighting force on the planet, accomplishing military objectives in such an environment is a daunting task, long before U.S. politicians become involved.
Our leadership have not learned the lesson of the Vietnam War – politics will cause a war to be extended and lost.
Regrettably, our military today is led by a Commander in Chief so paralyzed by political pressure, indecision and timidity that the response to terror attacks on American citizens, such as those by ISIS, have become a waiting game for international cooperation to build in hopes of “degrading” and “managing” the attacks. ...
It is the resulting uncertainty, in which ISIS festers and grows, that has led former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince to conclude that, “If the Administration cannot rally the political nerve or funding to send adequate active duty ground forces to answer the call, let the private sector finish the job.”
Washington politicians send funds and material to “rebel” groups that have the same mentality and Jihad fervor as the enemy like ISIS. They are NOT allies.
Those same policy wonks then watch with shock and amazement as their “allies” quickly surrender, leaving US-supplied weapons and munitions to be expropriated and turned against us by enemy forces. If we are going to spend taxpayer dollars using outside forces to fight terrorism, we might as well use PMCs who we at least can be sure are fighting for the right side.
Last week four Blackwater mercenaries were convicted in the wrongful deaths of 17 civilians in Iraq; demonstrating that mercenaries, military contractors, must follow the Armed Forces laws and code of conduct as well as the Geneva Convention.
So, President Obama, you can keep your promise of “no boots on the ground” against ISIS; but you must stop all funding and aid to Islamic forces. Instead, pay for contracted military personnel, mercenaries, and put fear in the hearts of those who relish anarchy and commit murder in the name of God. I am sure that organizations like Blackwater will have ample volunteers, veterans who would like to fight a war without the hindrance of politics and unrealistic rules of engagement – something that the enemy certainly does not care about.
The war has already been declared and in progress, against an enemy fully committed to global caliphate theocracy. Let's send them to their heaven filled with virgins and be done with it. This began in 2001. It is now 2014 and Western civilization is still threatened – more so, for now they have infiltrated our nations thanks to leftist wimps and progressive cowards.
Let's finish this so people of free nations do not require living in fear.
Documentary of mercenaries in Afghanistan:
Documentary of mercenaries in Iraq:
The Constitution of the United States,  Article I, Sec. 8 cl. 11 provides the authority for Congress to enact Letters of Marque. Maybe it is time to reenact that authority. However, our government must stop funding and supplying in what they refer to as foreign aid and it should be funded by an international coalition of free nations against Islamic Jihad. The United States cannot afford nor be expected to fund security and wars of other nations; but cannot afford the continued infiltration and actions of the Islamic Jihadists.
Reverse the terror upon those who use it to subjugate and end piracy on the seas. Holy War should be relegated to medieval history, not the modern world of technology and alleged progress.
Mercenaries sent instead of troops will free up our troops to safeguard our own border - that is, if the Feds enforce immigration laws and accept that the United States is literally being invaded; welcomed by political prostitutes looking for an illegal voting base.

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