Oct 22, 2014

Homeland Security and Executive Office: Can We Feel Safe?

The Clarion Project was the organization that had obtained a 2007 FBI document that detailed activity at a Texas Enclave of MOA (Muslims of America), one of 22 'villages' in the United States. Islamberg is the main headquarters located in New York state. Clarion Project posted the training camp video on YouTube. It is located in Hancock, New York – the state where the infamous 9/11 attack occurred. It has been found a growing number of American women are joining these subversive elements of enemy factions right here in our homeland.
The federal government has done little. Mainstream media shuns reporting it, yet are quick to report upon patriot militia groups forming in the United States making them all look like fanatics. Who are these people training to kill? YOU.
In Colorado, three Muslim teenage girls were arrested trying to join Islamic State while the federal government does nothing about studying the situation much less stopping it by breaking up the militant groups. Meanwhile, the Obama administration continues its support of the Muslim Brotherhood overseas while federal authorities ignore the underground danger here in the United States. The girls were reported to the FBI by their parents after suspecting they were being recruited by Islamic Jihadists.
We are at war, as declared by enemies of the United States and against free nations of Western civilization, but socialist politics and politically correct attitudes ignore the real and present danger.
In October of 2013, The Kelly File reported the problem in an interview with Clarion Project, Islamic Jihadists immigrating to countries, not to assimilate but to conquer …

A spokes person of MOA has declared that the United States is a Muslim-majority country.
In 2007 FBI report, at least 10 murders, one disappearance, three firebombings, two explosive bombings and one attempted bombing occurred. Are you aware of this? Mainstream media has avoided such news stories, especially MSNBC who caters to the will of the Obama administration.
PJ Media reported that there is a network of 22 terrorist training villages across the United States depicted in the following map image …

According to that source and others, the FBI cannot act because the President and the Department of Homeland Security has not classified MOA as a Foreign Terrorist Organization – despite the law enforcement agency's evidence.
In March of 2010, online Jihadist-militant instructions were revealed in blog posts, videos, and documentaries that included militant training camps in the United States clearly training to kill and destroy (called sabotage) within the United States.
A United Kingdom Muslim has been arrested for trying to establish a Jihadi training camp in the United States for combatant volunteers to fight in Afghanistan.
Pamela Geller, WND, uncovered a conspiracy reminiscent of Chicago Mafia and police corruption of the 1930s when Al Capone ruled the windy city, has been occurring in Texas. A member of the MOA compound is a police officer in Sweeny, Texas and when a law enforcement confrontation occurred between the compound and local police, a county officer squad car pulled up and angrily rebuked the police officers there.
Preppers in the United States have been harassed by federal authorities and considered 'anti-government' for just hording food and supplied with defensive weapons with large amounts of ammunition – just in case of disaster. Yet the Islamic Jihad training compounds remain active.
All of this nonsense has been going on since 2001. The federal government, by constitutional law, is in charge of national security – an important element of their limited authorities; but they are failing to do their duty. Too busy introducing socialism and subjugating articles and amendments of the US Constitution, while they socially engineer citizens through the education system into state-controlled zombies.
Foreign Islamic Jihad organizations are partially funded by the poppy cultivation making heroin. Is it coincidence that the United States federal reports reveal that heroin addicts is on the rise in the United States?
Jihadists have infiltrated Canada as well. An ISIS attack in Canada was allegedly inspired by an online Al-Qaeda magazine.
European nations are experiencing these problems, like Italy.
It is estimated that 50,000 Somalis live in Minnesota alone (2011). Somali are traditionally clannish in nature, which they exercise by creating cultural neighborhoods wherever they immigrate. Their number is rising as of 2013.
Global media sources paint Jihadists as 'insurgents' against intervention of 'foreign invaders' upon their homeland; but in reality, as several Islamic clerics have stated publicly – it is all part of a concerted effort to reenact the medieval conquest movement that created the long Crusade wars.
Their evil will only succeed if the good folks of Western civilization does nothing about an intolerant religious-civic movement (theocracy) who demands tolerance from the Judeo-Christian culture while they exercise no tolerance and acts of violence and genocide.
There are Muslims and Americans concerned about violent elements that jeopardize their adopted life in the United States ...

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