Jun 2, 2014

Harry Reid and His Disgusting Career and Legacy

Star Parker has provided us with an update concerning the infamous Senator Harry Reid, an embarrassment to any nation with any semblance of responsible leadership. Indeed, if I was a resident in the state of Nevada, I would be embarrassed that he holds any office in government at any level, and worse, for as long as he has languished in Congress causing more trouble, involving himself in unethical actions, and making false statements about the character and actions of others in Congress who do not conform to his totalitarian ideology.
If you think I believe that Harry Reid is the lowest form of human life – you are absolutely correct. I would not trust him to be the town dogcatcher. His record is riddled with scandalous behavior and involvement in scandals which proves that the oversight in Congress is a joke. Yet, he is getting a paycheck, courtesy of the taxpayers, for a job in the US Senate where he certainly does not earn his paycheck nor the outrageous benefits that Congress has given itself in both the House and Senate. If We the People, at least the People in Nevada finally wake up to his shenanigans, he will be forced to leave but will get retirement benefits that should only be allocated to employees of government, not ELECTED officials.
But I digress …
Star Parker wrote:
The Commerce Department reports that first quarter GDP contracted by one percent. The Wall Street Journal notes that a contraction of GDP during a time not in recession is rare. So we continue in the slowest economic recovery since the end of World War II, with unemployment, in the 6th year of the Obama regime, at 6.3 percent, still well above its historic average. … So how is Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and 49 of his Democrat colleagues spending their time? Writing to National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell asking that the NFL pressure Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder to change the name of his team. According to Reid, the Redskins name is a “racial slur”, with his letter drawing a parallel to the recent incident of racially charged remarks made, in private, by Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team. Reid has attacked Snyder before, saying that changing the name of the Redskins team is the “morally right” thing to do. Reid is certainly the man to provide moral leadership regarding Native American affairs.
  • Harry Reid, several years ago, accepted $68,000 in political contributions from Indian tribes (Nevada) who were clients of the criminal lobbyist, Jack Abramoff (served time for conspiracy, fraud, and tax evasion). Keep in mind that Democrats are notorious for tax evasion – the same tax system they insist everyone must have and that it is “unpatriotic” to pay your taxes; no matter how much they take from what YOU earn. In fact, the average American EARNS their paycheck, while people like Reid in the federal government certainly do NOT. And, unsurprisingly, Abramoff was a lobbyist for the casinos owned by Native Americans (falsely called “Indians”, who are people from India, not North America).
  • Harry Reid made sure he used his senatorial clout to discourage the Interior Department approving potential competing casinos. How convenient. A more complete description of Reid's unethical behavior is available (with sources) at Discover The Networks, which is a great website if you want to connect dots with notorious people like Senator Reid. He also believes that global warming is real and caused by humans and supports radical conservationist organizations and individuals - does this not counter what he does in the background to increase his already wealthy estate?
  • In 2001, Reid was involved in a real estate deal for a shopping center that earned him $1.1 million - $700,000 profit. He then paid cash for a $750,000 condominium at the Washington DC Ritz-Carlton where he resides when “working” in Congress. He used $3,300 from his campaign donation funds to give the doorman and other support staff Christmas bonuses (in 2002, 2004, and 2005). Reid and his staff stated it was a “clerical error” and Reid was quoted: I am reimbursing the campaign from my own pocket to prevent this issue from being used in the current campaign season to deflect attention from Republican failures. Notice that Reid has a habit to try to point things toward the opposite side of the political fence when such unethical behavior (criminal actually) is found out.
  • In 2005, when Congress passed the $286 billion federal transportation bill – Reid got $300 million out of that in earmarks for projects in Nevada, which included $18 million to fund the construction of a bridge that spans the Colorado River. Reid owned 160 acres of undeveloped land on the Arizona side of the bridge, which caused his property value to rise considerably. How convenient.
  • Between the years 2002 and 2006, Senator Reid intervened in a land developing dispute where barren land called Coyote Springs (one hour from Las Vegas) was intended for a golf course with surrounding home property – the land had federal restrictions attached to it – but no worry, Reid was on the spot. Guess what one-fourth of that land was off-limits for development for? If you guessed the desert tortoise, you got it right. Sound familiar? Recent federal concerns about rancher cattle grazing? The rest of the land was either scheduled for a federal power-line right of way or streams and washes were considered crucial to the EPA. It seems that the EPA only picks and chooses what it restricts or allows to happen. It is one of the most useless, intrusive and dishonest agencies in the federal government. The word hypocrisy comes to mind.
  • To the Rescue: Senator Reid intervened and the Bureau of Land Management, you know the guys who sent an army to steal cattle from a rancher recently, decided to relocate those tortoises to a reserve adjacent to the Coyote Springs area – and voila, the developers got what they asked for. Funny how developers get priority over ranchers who provide us with beef for our tables. But, hey, that's politics as usual in the Babylon capital of America. Between Reid and Nevada Senator John Ensign, the job got done – damn the tortoise and EPA will get over it because Reid said so.
  • Between 2001 and 2004, Senator Reid received more than $50,000 from four Native American tribes that were clients of Abramoff. A blind person could connect these dots that are continually connecting for Reid and company/family right up to the recent BLM attack on a ranch using land for grazing since the late 1800s.
The most frustrating thing about all of this is that Reid has not served one jail sentence, received any fines – and worse – is still a senator in the US Senate; still making wild accusations and trying to destroy opponents' or whistleblowers' reputations and characters.
BTW: He is also on the ban firearms crusade.
Star Parker, bless her, stated:
Our Democrat politicians have a hard time grasping that American citizens are adults and that adults in a free country decide what they buy and whom they work for. You break the law by what you do, not by what you think or say in private. If your customers don’t want to buy your product or your employees don’t want to work for you because of who they think you are, that’s their business. The most fundamental tenets freedom are violated when private ownership can be disturbed by politicians who don’t like you, how you look, how you think, or what you say in private. Thought police have no place in a free society, but they are now active in positions of power, such as majority leader of the US Senate, in our supposedly free nation. … Private property is the oxygen of freedom and of capitalism. It’s the job of our government to protect property, not invade it. It’s no accident that we are tottering economically and morally when politicos like Harry Reid have and wield the power they do. It’s really time to make some changes.

Go girl!

Yes, this is the year to make changes in Congress – and not just Democrats, folks. We need responsible constitutionalists who take their oaths of office seriously and are not afraid to speak out and/or act against those that do not.
This should be the year that Congress is cleaned out – absent of democratic-socialists and RINOs who conveniently identify themselves as “moderates” who merely capitulate to the socialists or fall into their so-called “compromise” traps. When we vote for a person, that person first of all must believe that our government must ALWAYS abide by and enforce the Constitution of the United States, remember that they are representatives of the People, not developers, lobbyists and anyone else weaseling funds and privileges from the political prostitutes who call themselves senators and representatives – or even presidents.
I am appealing to the younger generation that they stand on common sense and constitutionality – and pick up the baton to complete this race toward true reformation back to the constitutional republic that our wise Founders put together so meticulously and wisely.
As a personal side note to folks concerned: I survived my near-death experience and now have a little box inside the left side of my chest in case my heart decides to act up again. Whether I am here or not, or how long I remain in this realm we call living and the planet Earth – I will NEVER give up the fight for the return of constitutionalism and to the best government ever invented in the history of human existence. I am feeling better and getting stronger each day, and I thank you for your concern. Bless all of you and keep the fight going … whether I continue to be here or not.
Smokey the Bear was famous and said: “Only YOU can prevent forest fires” - and I will steal that line and say: “Only YOU, the People, can keep constitutional law or ensure that it is kept.”
We the People are the power, not parasites like Harry Reid and company (both sides of the political aisle).
As long as I can whack away at these keys, I am going to continue to enlighten and awaken my fellow Americans and hope that a majority of the younger generation wakes up in time.
You can count on it – or as the old saying goes: “You can take that to the bank”.
Cliché, I know, I plead guilty.
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Dr. James D. Manning video clip announcing the failure of one Barack Hussein Obama; which reinforces that his poor record is not racial bigotry - just plain facts ...

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