Jun 16, 2014

Pulse of the Nation: Erratic But Getting Stronger

The pulse of this nation toward true reform is erratic, but still strong.
  • The mainstream media whose agenda is to destroy the Tea Party movement like it was a third political party trying to obtain a foothold; has claimed recently that it is on its way to extinction. But apparently this is not true because the Tea Party organization and its members have pushed for true reformation as always and two political candidates lose their long tenure in Congress to candidates who embrace the Tea Party platform: limited government per constitution, free enterprise, and the elimination of income tax/IRS. 

  • In the arena of energy and self-sufficiency of the United States, the Obama movement of destroying the coal industry that provides 39% of electricity in America. Meanwhile, shale oil, called Fracking, is on the boom. Solar panels, an alternate source of energy is conveniently dependent upon rare earths for their production – mines dominated by Red China.
  • The Treasury Inspector General released a report that indicated that the federal government handed out bonuses to IRS employees who did not pay their taxes. That's right, the US Gestapo does not play by its own rules. IRS and income tax system needs to be gone – yesterday. Obama and company pull a Nixon as after all this time stalling, claim that some of the IRS/Lerner email has been lost. Words of impeachment is once again being murmured … all talk, no action. Conveniently blamed as a computer crash. Nixon was heading for impeachment before resigning with far less charges against him than Obama has – and the list continues to grow. Pompous White House spokesman answers questions with - Have you never heard of a computer crashing before?
  • President Obama is spent Father's Day weekend in Palm Springs visiting with a married gay couple (symbolic?) while the Iran/Iraq situation continues to boil. Obama, as commander-in-chief, has ignored the seriousness of the Middle East situation. The takeover of Iraq by al-Qaida forces is the result of not listening to his military commanders when it was suggested that 23,000 troops remain to ensure victory for the new republic of Iraq was stable. Thus, it looks like the US involvement to free Iraq from tyranny and jihadism has failed; which means the United States has once again sent its military to another nation's problems and failed to stabilize what they had achieved. The military did its job, the government failed to follow through.
  • House Intelligence Committee, Mike Rogers, warns that if the militants take control of the area between Syria and Iraq, the battle will come to Europe and the United States. It is all a mirror of history during the period called Crusades (and before when Islam decided to conquer as much of the world possible).
  • The immigration system is reaching a breaking point as planeloads of illegal immigrants, mostly children, are sent by plane to other areas for processing. It is overloading the system because of so many. It is believed that parents are sending their children so they will be safe from the threats of violence concerning the powerful drug cartel that has murdered thousands of people in Mexico and Central American nations. It is also a ploy that parents will follow if children are accepted to remain as refugees from danger. With unemployment remaining high, this means more on the government handout system – more debt and taxation for citizens. The failures of GW Bush pale compared to Obama.
  • Obama claim: ...most members of Congress – and I have to say to some degree this is bipartisan – are terrified of the NRA. He failed to state that he and his comrades in Congress are terrified of the Tea Party movement. He still brings up the Connecticut school massacre as his reason for gun control and confiscation. Obama has also shown his distaste for Washington DC in general. This is a guy who in the first campaign stated: The real gamble in this election is playing the same Washington game with the same Washington players and expecting a different result. Another failure, where he and his comrades became part of the problem that already existed and created more problems adding to those that already exist. This, of course, is a “bipartisan” issue because the GOP elite establishment crowd are equally to blame. The recent ousting of two GOP establishment politicians shows that citizens are awakening and others who remain too silent have had enough of both sides of the political aisle.
  • Apparently American society has not learned its lesson as a recent poll shows that Bill Clinton is the most admired president in the past 25 years. National leadership often reflects the society – and both are bankrupt. Personally, I have not been impressed with the record of any president since Ronald Reagan.
    • Jeff Jacoby pointed out in his Townhall article that laws, like credit cards, should have an expiration date. Minnesota state government is in the process of getting rid of laws that should never have been passed like picking mayflowers secretly in the nighttime. Thomas Jefferson wrote in 1789 that it should be clear to every practical man that a law of limited duration is much more manageable than one which needs a repeal. If the law passed was effective, then the legislators can renew it, if not – let it go. Frankly, there are so many useless and counterproductive laws on the books in federal and state government books that legislators have no idea the scope of those laws. Instead of flurrying to make new laws, old laws should be reviewed and repealed and the policy of putting an expiration date on all new laws be enacted as soon as possible. If it is not a constitutional amendment, it should have an expiration date. It is amazing how far into the future the Founders looked to foresee possible problems within the new type of government they created. - “a republic, if you can keep it”. Ronald Reagan stated:
    A government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth.
    • The idea to rid Iraq of the tyranny and evil of Saddam Hussein and his sons was a noble cause; and the idea of nation building so people of a nation can experience freedom, liberty and limited government by the People is a good cause on paper. However, it is costly in American lives and funding. President Obama has squandered those efforts and now abandons Iraq to the onslaught of Islamic jihadists and Syrian/al-Qaida forces threaten Baghdad after taking over Mosul and Fallujah. It has been announced that Obama will be sending 275 combat troops to Iraq to protect US personnel and the US embassy in Baghdad. Meanwhile, the Secretary of State in charge of embassies involved in this turmoil is spending his time talking about tuna and plankton. What does that have to do with the state department? Progressive socialists who call themselves democratic liberals are so out of touch with reality. Of course, the previous day he did talk to Iranians in an "open talk" about the Iraq situation. Apparently Iran does not think that the US is home to Satan anymore?
    • While progressives continue their march to take firearms out of the hands of lawful citizens, an incident that shows that law enforcement cannot be everywhere and more often than not arrive after a violent crime is committed. But this story will really shock you: 911 emergency has voice mail! An emergency call went to voice mail not once, but twice. Former director of Michael Bloomberg's Everytown For Gun Safety admitted to Wall Street Journal that the proposals outlined by the gun control group and sent to Congress would not have or ever will prevent mass shootings. As Katie Pavlich wrote: Their goal is to strip Americans of their constitutionally protected Second Amendment rights and they use the crisis of mass shootings as a stomping ground to do so. They also fail to notice that such horrific crimes [mass shootings] occur where firearms are prohibited and lawful citizens are not afforded the opportunity to defend themselves. If the administrator at the Sandy Hook school had been armed, she would not have died trying to stop Adam Lanza or if anyone in the Aurora theater had been allowed to carry concealed weapons in that establishment – lives would have been saved and there would have been no court costs in the trial of the shooter. There are those that claim that Sandy Hook incident was a hoax. Many unanswered questions about that day still remain; but as to how much fact is in that conspiracy theory – who knows. If so, why was there funerals – just too far-fetched even for this corrupt administration. There are some that think the Holocaust was a hoax. Snopes has, somewhat, debunked the idea. There are still people that believe that the attack on September 11, 2001 was orchestrated by the Bush administration as well. Insanity prevails, but points out how distrustful we have become of the federal government since the assassination of JFK.

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