Jun 3, 2014

Republicans Vote For Poorly-Written Legislation

If people had the same attitude about flying in airplanes as they do with firearms – few would fly.
The recent action in the House of Representatives is a perfect example of why bills should not be folded into other bills – but stand on their own.
The tragedy exploited by anti-firearm media that occurred in California, who has one of the most restrictive gun control laws in the United States resulted in six deaths by shooting and stabbing and others injured. The media will not tell you that for that one unfortunate incident committed by a mentally disturbed individual who was allowed to purchase/own firearms is one out of hundreds of incidents with firearms across the nation – many in self- and home-defense incidents and others gang related. The mainstream media refuses to put those incidents into the equation for fear of destroying their objective to counter the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.
The amendment passed in a floor vote by 260 to 145 that was attached to a 2015 appropriations bill by California Rep. Mike Thompson (D) and three Republican co-sponsors: Peter King (R-NY), Mike Fitzpatrick (R-PA) and Joe Heack (R-NV) and Elizabeth Esty (D-CN). Notice that the states representatives are from are anti-Second Amendment states.
If this is signed into law, which you know Obama will sign it, the amendment will:
... increase funding for the criminal background checks system by $19.5 million … to help ensure states have the necessary resources to submit additional records of prohibited firearm purchasers to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
I have advocated a reformation of the background system to ensure that people with previous allocations concerning firearms concerning the law and citizens that have or are under mental therapy or taking psychopathic drugs should be in the background check system – as important as a criminal record. However, it must be done in a common sense and positive manner so people are not slapped onto the system in a negative manner for superficial reasons and without recorded and official justification. Otherwise, the socialists in the government will abuse the system and make it so people are denied Second Amendment rights as part of their anti-Second Amendment agenda.
The democratic-socialists are thoroughly agitated because their plan to ban firearms just because they “look dangerous” or “look like military automatic weapons” or because they have a certain ammunition capacity failed. Democratic politicians are infamous for looking for a back door approach to get what they wanted, even if it has not passed Congress or the Supreme Court ruled against their agenda.
The way it is written, this bill, like other laws made under the influence of the Brady Bunch (Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence).
This bill and the way it can be used can put people on a mental illness list that is not true; and once they are on, forget about getting taken off. The Federal government does not work well that way. It is a tricky route they are taking here – and even though the Republicans have a majority in the House, one out of three are going for it – including (surprise) Paul Ryan.
This is election year for Congress – so use that clout. Watch your reps and senators closely – and if they are not constitutionalists and abide by their oaths of office and/or capitulate to the democratic-socialists – fire them.
Jacob Sullum at Reason, stated that there are any number of people who are depressed, lonely, or alienated – but would not or could not imagine doing what that Hollywood director's son did. Another good read on this subject material is Charles C.W. Cooke at NRO.
Please take the time to read those articles and then contact your representatives and senators and let them know that mental patients, people truly ill, should be on the file of the background check system; however, Congress has a habit of creating bills not properly worded that can be misused, mostly from hurrying it through for vote without sitting back and contemplating what the short- or long-term results will be and will it hurt or affect innocent parties.
Here is a list of Republicans that voted FOR that amendment without examining the possibility of being abused by anti-gun people who sponsored and co-sponsored the amendment to that bill.
Now You Know Why Congress is Reluctant to Impeach Obama
Congressional members have a bad habit of not reading and/or examining carefully just what they are voting on. This has to stop. It is why we are stuck with the Obamacare fiasco because too many politicians listened to Nancy Pelosi who suggested they pass it and then see what it will do.
Insanity and loss of common sense seems to be an epidemic (pandemic) in Congress. Always in a hurry to pass a myriad of legislation with no regard for its impact and how it can be abused.
The framers of our constitution were meticulous and careful, looking at the situation from different viewpoints – which came to be the best government system designed in human history, as well as a Constitution that would last; well at least if the people ensured they voted for constitutionally-minded individuals and members of Congress, executive branch, and the US Supreme Court took their oaths of office seriously and without compromise.
There should be a background check for anyone choosing to run for public office - especially the federal government. It certainly would weed out those with bad character and corrupt backgrounds. An ex-FBI agent stated in 2008 that if this was put in place, Obama would never have been a presidential candidate, much less a senator of the US Congress.

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