Jun 14, 2014

Dinesh D'Souza: Targeted by Progressive Socialists

The new documentary (trailer) by the author of America: Imagine the World Without Her. Based on the book of the same name by Dinesh D'Souza, an immigrant who became a legal citizen who has not only assimilated in the United States, but is on a campaign to save the American constitutional republic for which was the reason for his immigration and preventing progressive socialism from gaining any more ground over that which the Founders worked so hard and sacrificed so much to create a government that would be part of our once great nation.
Mr. D'Souza has become a prime target by the progressive Democratic-Socialists whose agenda is disintegrating that which made the United States so great.

The next trailer is what put D'Souza on the Obama hit list where Obama's intent to “change” was not questioned for its detail. The executive office has abused power and ignored constitutional law (executive orders). Viewing the trailer you can see why the producer and D'Souza is a target by the power in Washington …

Alex Jones Show interview with D'Souza …
As mentioned in the D'Souza interview, American taxpayers are paying for federal government project to bring illegal citizens in United States …
El Paso Times reported that 130 undocumented immigrants landed in El Paso who were apprehended in South Texas. One immigrant admitted that she was being processed to go to Tennessee to unite with her sister.
El Paso Times also reported that 270 illegal aliens were processed and released by ICE.
John Carter wrote that about 40% of U.S. illegal immigrants came in on an airplane, with a legal visa, and just overstayed their visa and have never gone home.
All of this is detrimental to our national security as well as economic well being. We are at war for the survival of the United States, especially as a constitutional republic. As Keith Koffler wrote in Obama's New World Order
We have been in this war for quite some time, but we only fully realized it on September 11, 2001. The roots of the conflict stretch back many centuries. The al Qaeda-inspired Islamists who are taking over Iraq and who hope to establish a mini-Caliphate stretching into Syria mean business. They mean to do us great harm. And increasingly, they will have the weaponry to achieve their ends. They may eventually even possess nuclear weapons, without harboring the sense of responsibility the Russians had with them. … The United States is the best nation in the world and deserves to be left out of egregious evil that exists in so many places. But we have to face the world as it is. And we are in the world. With our economy and need for resources, very much in it. And the world, as it has proven, is here, with us, too. … As a result of this president’s policies, Islamists will control large swaths of land in, and perhaps the entire nations of, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya, while the existing Islamist state – Iran, the birth child of the last failed Democratic president – gains the ability to produce nuclear weapons. … People will die. The mass civilian deaths we read about will be American, not from somewhere far away. And life for the living will be very bad indeed.
Hundreds of unaccompanied children are entering the United States via the Southern border every single day. The reasons are manifold: they’re “fleeing for their lives” to escape poverty and gang violence; news stations in Central America are telling parents their children “won’t be turned away” if they come; the administration’s lax deportation standards are encouraging illegal immigration; and of course, the border is grossly porous and insecure.
And all of this is coming from our tax money and funding that the federal government does not have, thus the extreme indebtedness for which Obama and comrades (on both sides of political aisle) have no ceiling and their answer is to increase taxes and/or create new ones.
As an added note, it is interesting and I wish the people of England and the United Kingdom all the best: Tea Party Revolution Taking Place in England
Something remarkable is taking place in our mother country. Late last month, a third party on the right overtook both major political parties in a national election, as significantly more people in England voted for the right over the left. The UK Independence Party (UKIP) is surging as a sort of British equivalent to the Tea Party, proposing a reduction in immigration and leaving the European Union.
Would it not be ironic if England (United Kingdom) achieve a form of government that our Founders created and the United States fall into a democratic-socialist welfare state like what has become of most of Europe?
Sometimes it seems the world has gone completely insane; where society ignores and/or welcomes evil and denounces any good to be found.
Islam, as an organized jihad doctrine religion, wants the return of the Caliphate and world domination where everything is reversed to medieval society; but with modern technology. Turkey became a republic with its first president, and lived in peace with other nations, a part of NATO and tried to become a member of the European Union (better off not). Now Islamic Jihadism is infiltrating its ranks, and if so, it will no longer be a model for other Islamic nations to follow. 
Thanks to decades of wrong-thinking foreign policy, Obama, his followers, and those who think like him - Israel and United States have a bleak outlook into the future.
Meanwhile, to make itself look better in the eyes of the public, the IRS Approves “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” - yet income tax itself is unconstitutional being a direct tax (taking money from pay you earned before you decide how to spend it) instead of a consumption tax which taxes only that which is purchased.
D'Souza is correct – nothing happens to Democrats who get caught concerning unethical and illegal ways of using and obtaining campaign funds. And I doubt that people believe (most people) that the IRS is changing its attitude and Gestapo-like tactics. Taxes are necessary to operate a government, never intended by Founders to be used to punish people (like over-taxation of anything progressives are against); but it must remain simple and fairly equal among the people. It has been hard to change the tax system because 47% of Americans do not care what does not pertain to them – those that pay little or no taxes after they get their annual refund check. 
Like Rome, we will fall from within before being overtaken by barbarians.
Ashamedly, immigrants like D'Souza knows more about the US Constitution and its amendments, the Founders, and the reason why the United States was unique and so great among nations of the world - something that other people who call themselves Americans ignorantly allow political powers to pull the carpet of freedom and liberty out from under them; more concerned about their favorite sports team or TV show than what is collapsing around them.

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