Jun 10, 2014

California Primary: Voters Cast Votes for Alleged Gun Smuggler

On March 28th, 2014, I wrote an article about Senator Leland Lee who was arrested on March 26th concerning charges of bribery and fraud in gun running business in California, where the Second Amendment is not allowed to be exercised by its citizens.

While I write this update, keep in mind that Senator Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Nancy Pelosi are from California, as well as established socialist, Maxine Waters. Also keep in mind that California has the most violent and significant gangs in the United States, including drug cartel and its affiliates. It is a state that has become a welfare state to the point of bankruptcy several times, not caring if the welfare recipients are not legal citizens. It is a state that once was the fifth wealthiest state in the world, and it is losing its industry and businesses because of their draconian business taxes and fees. It is also home to Hollyweird (Hollywood) whose occupants tend to be socialists that reinforces Senator Joe McCarthy's probe into communist/socialist activities during a time when subversive activities mattered. The Democrats, who had communists and socialists among their party members, called it a “witch hunt”. After McCarthy's censure and death, it turned out that his investigations were based upon truth; although the congressional hearing investigative committee certainly went overboard in their quest to root out and get rid of communist infiltrators within the government.
Over 287,000 Californians cast their votes for State Senator Leland Yee for Secretary of State primary election. Throughout his political career he had received an A+ rating from the Brady Campaign and the Gun Violence Prevention Honor Roll.
Yee, as the article in March stated, is still under federal indictment for arms smuggling and other charges. The month he was arrested he dropped out of the race, yet he still won the primary election in that state's election. How can that happen? What is it with Californians today?
This reinforces the urgency for responsible voters to get out and cast their votes for constitutionalists this November. You will be standing against irresponsible voters like the 287,000 Californians who cast their vote for a man accused of serious charges and the evidence is quite damning. Of course, he is not guilty until proven in a court of law and then sentenced; however, the FBI does not have a record of jumping the gun before they have enough facts for conviction.
If you look at the list of people who are in politics in California and those serving in the US Congress, you can see that the state is full of useful idiots.
Read Mexifornia and see how a once great state turned into trash in a few decades, written by Victor Davis Hanson.

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