Jun 12, 2014

American Thinker Celebrates Ten Years of Fighting For A Constitutional Republic

American Thinker celebrates its 10th anniversary in establishing logic in the complicated world of politics serving as a mentor for a society that must reform itself in the process of reforming the government back to its limitations, policies and more simple straight forward regulations that Big Government has pushed into the dust bin of history. Indeed, American Thinker echoes the wisdom and knowledge of history and the schematics of what a civilized people should be just like the Founders.
 It is time for another Age of Enlightenment.

Government is operated by people and therefore not without mistakes of the past - the real issue is does it learn from its mistakes? Unfortunately, the slavery issue still haunts Americans, mostly by those who do not recognize accomplishments since slavery ended and use that haunting history to promote victimization to blame modern society's problems on something long gone and reinforced equal rights when 100  years after slavery the Civil Rights Act was passed. The Democratic-Socialists insist upon "moving on" only when their corruption and hypocrisy is brought to light - and perpetuate racism. "White"/"Black" supremacist groups certainly cannot be left off the hook either.

The articles of this blog and other articles I have written for Jefferson's Rebels and Lighthouse [Patriot] Journal have paled in comparison - but I cannot give up the banner to save our republic by returning to constitutional law and limited powers of the central government - Federal government of the United States and some of its state governments who do not abide by Constitutional Law and its amendments.
Recently Eric Cantor lost the primary election for his seat in Congress, which means a new House Majority Leader. Surprisingly, Republicans like Paul Ryan (R-WI) laments at losing a "friend" and associate congress person. So what is priority with Paul Ryan? If Cantor cannot make the grade in spearheading and establishing true reformation long past due that has snowballed over the decades to culminate into what BH Obama and comrades represent: democratic-socialism where government is most important and the People owe allegiance to those who work hard at making them dependent upon the state.
Pundits and others are blaming on the Tea Party, but the replacement for Eric Cantor is David Brat who has before the Tea Party movement became popular stood for all that the organization represents. It all boils down that more Americans are awakening to the fact that their freedom and liberties - rights - are disappearing slowly and have for decades since Woodrow Wilson. The progressive socialist movement had its agenda slowed, but they patiently seek ways to circumvent everything that our nation once stood for.
It is long past due to clean out Congress and start placing presidents in the White House that use the Constitution and its amendments as a foundation for all legislation, policies, and regulations. It is time to make America strong in foreign affairs and not so willing to get involved in fighting other nation's wars - but instead seek sanctions and initiate and perpetuate solid trade where the United States and other nations can benefit as equally as possible. The United Nations has outlived its usefulness and no longer represents what it was designed to be; part of the problem of the United States no longer being a role model, but instead following the socialist movement where the state becomes more important than the people of a nation - and elements of the society that succeeds is deemed enemies of the people instead of big government.
It is the People, We the People, whose duty it is to ensure that constitutionalists are elected. It is not up to the media to decide who qualifies to run for a primary election, or any election for that matter, and instead of being the voice of their chosen side of politics, be the eyes and ears of the people. The press (media) was given freedom to do so, but they have failed in their duty; just as We the People have failed to seek out and recognize when we are being taken for a ride by the powers of politics on both sides of the traditional political aisle.
Happy anniversary, American Thinker - never give up and never compromise the principles that created this once great republic.
Cantor's loss is an historical event, where finally, after decades, the American people are realizing that reform cannot occur unless voters vote responsibly and insist upon constitutionalist being elected, not from the good old boys in the elite GOP establishment or the disgraceful crew of the Democratic Party that progresses more rapidly now toward a socialist welfare state.

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