Jun 24, 2014

Hillary Clinton and Her Political Dream

Hillary Clinton held a televised“town hall” meeting last week and declared it was time to reinstate the Clinton gun ban. She then claimed that NRA and gun owners are a “minority” which she stated answering a school teacher who asked about high capacity magazines and assault weapons:
We cannot let a minority of people – and that's what it is, it is a minority of people – hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people.
Obama and other progressive democratic-socialists call a minority the “majority” and vice versa.
In 2009, the United States had a population of 307 million people. Based on production data of 2010, 300 million firearms are owned by civilians; and of that 300 million, 100 million are handguns. After the assault on NRA and those in government pushing to ban certain firearms from ownership, that amount of firearm ownership rose dramatically in 2012.
CNN reported that Clinton is acting like and talking like a presidential candidate for 2016.
U.S. Intelligence agencies provided extensive warning of the deteriorating security environment in eastern Libya … These threats were well-understood by even the most senior officials in Washington, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has testified that she “was certainly aware” of this reporting … Both before and after the attacks in Benghazi, President Obama promoted a flawed and deeply misleading public narrative in which he claimed that al-Qaeda was “decimated”, “on the run”, and “on the path to defeat”. Yet those on the ground in Libya faced a surge in violence and increasing evidence of terrorist activity; they appealed to Washington for added security. … Despite the growing danger in Libya, State Department officials [Hillary Clinton] denied request for increased security from U.S. Personnel on the ground. Instead, the Department insisted on aggressively reducing security support in Libya …
Senator Kerry who promised when he took over as Secretary of State to investigate the Benghazi incident:
...claimed that the two other employees cited by the ARB had been “demoted”. The Department later clarified that these employees were still waiting for their next assignments, while one receives “additional training”. … Given this, it appears that Secretary Kerry overstated the degree to which these individuals have been held accountable. … This report shows a State Department that is not focused on accountability.
Especially in September of 2012, just before the November presidential elections.
In a most recent expose of Hillary's checkered history as a lawyer, she is the center of yet another scandal where she is accused by a woman who had 12-years-old, was raped in Arkansas and Hillary defended the rapist smearing the victim instead of ensuring that justice was served. The incident was Hillary's first criminal defense case in 1975; beginning a career of doing anything required in order to achieve wealth and political fame. This is the same political woman who claims to be a champion of women and girls. It is also the same woman who was bent upon discrediting those women who accused her husband of sexual assault and indecent behavior.
This woman is now wanting Americans to vote for her to be the “first woman president” - something that has been her plan since entering into politics in the 1970s. Indeed, Hillary as the First Lady overstepped her bounds and her lust for power masqueraded as public service, tallied more scandals and unethical behavior. For too many, her legacy, like BH Obama, and their scandalous biography does not seem to matter.
A president must also be the commander-in-chief of the US Armed Forces; but as the First Lady, those that worked for her stated she detested being around uniformed personnel like the traditional US Marine White House guards. Benghazi personnel asked for increased security and was denied and Hillary ordered reduced security instead. Why is that so when Hillary had beefed up security wherever she went which often included special military units for quick reaction?
Hypocrisy is a key trademark of the progressive democratic-socialist; along with political tactics that date back to the beginning of Marxism and Lenin.

Hillary Clinton should not be insulting the intelligence of the American people on national TV, she should be held accountable in an unbiased court for the charges she should be held accountable for; and, if found guilty, put in prison like those involved in the myriad of scandals she was part of and who took the hit of guilt while Hillary and Bill remained free and wealthier.

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