Jun 6, 2014

Education in America: As Bankrupt As The Economy

The Department of Education and National Education Association coupled with the myriad of other government organizations, agencies and bureaucratic offices seem to pat themselves on the back and saying what a great education system we have - but it is not true.
When it is pointed out how much our educational system is failing, those that operate our federal government think it just requires more funding or making up a program like No Child Left Behind, et cetera, which does nothing to fix the problem but makes the political prostitutes and incompetents in the education system, especially administration, "feel good".

The US school system has turned into a factory, problem is the product does not meet the standards that the reality of life sets. In addition, it is "dumbing-down" generations until no one knows the history of our freedom and liberties and how we got them - and - how we are losing them.
This is all generality that covers the fifty states because there are still schools out there that strive for excellence instead of worrying about political correctness and providing an all-round good education that will prepare them to be informative citizens as well as preparing for their chose careers. Frankly, life in general, because even producing a home budget requires education.
 The following video is a masterpiece in that it makes the point valid and serious - we need to educate our youth for a better nation and their well-being. [MRCTV]

The next video is what is coming up when the government takes charge of your healthcare via so-called Obamacare.
So, not only are teachers brainwashing children, but parents use them for props when they do not even know what is going on. It all has to do with emotion and controlling emotion - which is in the doctrine of Marxism. If socialists and communists and theocracies are patient they need to just wait until a complete generation is brainwashed to think only what the government tells them.
Folks, things are getting serious. Once citizens can no longer defend themselves they no longer have natural rights of self-defense and in the video above it is called "preventive health".
I have one thing to say to these medical socialists - more children die in this country from malpractice health issues than firearms. More children die in auto accidents than firearms. More children die of some disease than firearms.
So what's your fricking point?

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