Dec 14, 2015

Have Yourself A Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah

Christmas is not just a holiday, nor is it just a time for Christmas Mass (derived Latin name of Christ Mass), but it is nothing tangible in the gist of this special holiday - it is time of uplifting spirits and hope. It is a time when we put aside the worries and strife of life that continues throughout the year, a time of family festivities and the feeling of good will. It is a spirit above and beyond the trappings of religious doctrine and religious rites. You do not have to even be a Christian to experience this holiday of joy that welcomes in a New Year, hoping it will be better than the last. It is no wonder that people wish that Christmas could be every day of the year.
Some holidays are melancholy, and so Christmas can be for those lonely and far away from home; or expierience an unfortunate tragedy - but the special spirit of Christmas can even touch those hearts - thinking of the good times, past and present.
I salute those military personnel, Christian or not, that have chosen to serve and be in places other than their home and family. I thank them for their service and hope that the next Christmas in the coming year brings them home, safely to their families to enjoy the fellowship that only a family unit can bring. May there be more blessings to all in this coming New Year

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