Feb 23, 2014

2Cellos: Music Sensation of the Decade

I know I am off track from firearms, weaponry and its history; but Second Amendment patriots enjoy music like other folks ...
Music can soothe the wild beast, so the legend goes; but it can also bring the beast out in us …
In the early years of Rock-N-Roll and then on to Classic Rock, musicians saw a resemblance to some music to the “revolutionary” Beethoven of the day; and indeed, a R&R hit was introduced as Roll Over Beethoven.
When I went to grade school, now called “Middle School”, there was classes on Music Appreciation, which covered the gamut from classical to jazz and so on. For after school curriculum and a few dollars, a class was offered that taught traditional dances like square dancing, polka, waltz, et cetera. I doubt if this is available to students today. The faculty is too busy with National Condom Week and what the progressive-socialists have in mind that control our educational system.

Believe it or not, Beethoven was considered radical in his day, but did not gyrate his hips shocking the older generation like King Elvis did in his early years as the Rock-N-Roll superstar.The 2Cellos have performed some Beethoven music as well as modern classics like Schindler's List (performed by Luka Šulić) theme.
I introduce and present to you, if you have not already seen them on YouTube, the pair who call themselves the 2Cellos. They not only play classical music beautifully, but also dynamically play classic rock and pop music just as artfully. The following music video (Thunderstruck) is great that demonstrates transition music from classical to rock - audience reaction probably the same when presented with rock to the Big Band, Swing Era generation ...

They are Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser who signed with Sony Masterworks in April of 2011 and in the same year appeared with Elton John and his band in his summer tour show.

The way they act and seem to get along so well, one would think they are brothers – but they are not.
Both were born in Croatia and both are classic-trained musicians who met at a master class in Croatia when they were teenagers. Luka is the younger of the two by one year, who attended the Academy of Music in Zagreb and studied in Vienna. Hauser attended the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester and completed his studies at Trinity College in London.
Their fame skyrocketed when they uploaded a video of them performing Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson) on YouTube that went “viral”. Here is that video …

That video received over three million views in just two weeks and over ten million to date.
Despite their musical success in the United Kingdom, they made that video to get some PR because of financial difficulties. Before the two became partners, they were rivals competing against each other in various music concerts.
The two have made two albums that are mainly rock songs, but they still play in orchestras and say they will never abandon classical music – the roots of their music education.
They are not only dynamic, but have a zany and fun sense of humor, as this video demonstrates during various interviews …

In July of 2013, 2Cellos filmed a commercial for the Japanese mobile phone company, Docomo. Their second album, In2ition, became number 1 on the Japanese Albums Chart in August of 2013. The 2Cellos went on a world tour with Elton John which included concerts held in North America, Europe, and Asia. For two days, 2Cellos performed at the Madison Square Garden in December of 2013. Next month, March 2014, they will be on a solo Japanese tour.
Their dynamic performances can sometimes be zany – but all in fun …

Here is an example video of the 2Cellos performing Highway to Hell by AC/DC in a music video:

You can order their albums and music DVDs at Amazon or order direct at their website. These two guys are obviously having a lot of fun and enjoying their audience with what they love to do and earning a living. They certainly must burn through cello and bow strings!

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