Feb 13, 2014

Michael Behenna Receives Parole But NO Clemency From Commander-in-Chief

Michael Behenna, 1st Lt, US Army was convicted of the “murder” of a terrorist responsible for an IED attack on his platoon, which left two US soldiers dead. The prosecution, Department of Justice, stated he “forfeited” his rights to self-defense. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.
Last year, Diana West, a columnist attended a hearing that was unsuccessful to get the military court of appeal to overturn his conviction of premeditated murder. Ms. West reported that what she had witnessed during Behenna's Washington DC hearing -
...was enough to make the gold eagle on top of the American flag in the courtroom shake and then hang its head. …
She also wrote that the most distressing thing about the case -
were the lengths to which the U.S. Government was prepared to strip this soldier, and by extension all soldiers, of their 'right to self-defense', even amid the untenable conditions of urban counterinsurgency warfare and its restricted rules of engagement.
Lt. Behenna was a victim of military politics, the incident occurring during a time when the US was negotiating an agreement with Iraq. For any military of any government to tell their soldiers that they have no right to self-defense, especially in a war zone is the most ludicrous thing one could ever hear about. Recruitment should have dropped to near zero. Support of any government and commander-in-chief who would use one of their officers as a scapegoat (officer or enlisted) should be removed from their position. They have ruined the career and life of an American who served his country with pride – and honor.
And what did the Justice Department say was the cause of Behenna forfeiting his right to defend himself? It was because he ordered the prisoner, Mansur to strip and pointed a gun to his head and that Behenna was not authorized to interrogate the prisoner. Mansur had killed two of the lieutenant's men two weeks earlier and he was ordered to return Mansur home. It was all over obtaining a Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqi fledgling government.
His family has been running a blog in order to defend Michael, which you can view HERE.
Americans, just on the principles of the Second Amendment alone – NEVER forfeit their right to self-defense. Here is an excerpt from an entry about Michael Behenna:
During his tour of duty in Iraq, Behenna’s platoon conducted counter-insurgency operations in the Salahuddin province with a focus on the towns of Mezra, Hajaj and Butoma. Behenna made efforts to develop ties with local Iraqis as part of his counter-insurgency mission and, already fluent in Spanish, began to teach himself Arabic. He was known to host cookouts with his platoon for local interpreters, engage with civilians on the street and encouraged his soldiers to learn about Iraqi culture and to eat their food. This desire to interact with locals caused some friction within his platoon with one soldier commenting: “He would talk to random civilians, anyone. He was the type of guy that liked Iraqis. That was the only annoying thing about him. He was always about saving the country.
Well, yesterday it was reported that Michael received his parole and is going home. His request for clemency was denied (President Obama denied it, while pardoning convicted drug lords).
The military over the decades has become merely a tool for the government. It no longer is an entity that just protects our homeland, which includes the US Constitution and the People. It is in the oath, just as in the oath every military member swears obedience and allegiance to the President of the United States who is also commander of US Armed Forces.
Allen West, former US Representative, Patriot, Tea Party member and Constitutionalist (hopefully president or vice presidential candidate for 2016) also wrote about former 1st Lieutenant Michael Behenna and his parole. As Mr. West stated, we have to free Clint Lorance next.
We need a commander-in-chief that will not throw his military members under the bus over political nonsense.
Our policies concerning our military must change. Today, our troops are mercenaries because since Obama took over as commander-in-chief, troops are told when arriving to Afghanistan that they are fighting for the Afghan people - not to stamp out the Islamic fascists that attacked US in September 11, 2001.  Soldiers are beginning to speak up and out about it, one of them Colonel Tunnel.
Soldiers are more at risk today that before 2008 because of Obama policies. KIA is highest.
Read Trevor Loudon's account of Obama's record that amounts to traitorous.

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