Sep 20, 2013

H.R. 2910: Gun Violence Prevention and Reduction Act of 2013

Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA) is an odd-looking fellow who, as with other congressional morons on both sides of the political aisle, believe that the United States Congress can legislate climate and weather fluctuations that has been occurring on planet Earth for millenniums. In a statement, an example of Waxman's mindset, made on September 17th, Waxman stated:
We spend billions of dollars to respond to each disaster and rebuild in the aftermath. Unfortunately many members of Congress continue to deny that climate change is happening.
Waxman does not realize that it is not the part of climate and weather fluctuation that people are denying, it is that there is something that can be done about it other than prepare and adapt. The air is cleaner that it was ten years ago and climate changes/fluctuations are not the result of man-made activities. The same ideological nonsense is applied to gun control, which is not really a mindset to control guns but the people.
Recently, Waxman submitted H.R. 2910: Gun Violence Prevention and Reduction Act of 2013, whose opening statement reads:
To protect American children and their families from the epidemic of gun violence by banning access to certain weapons, strengthening the Nation's mental health infrastructure, and improving the understanding of gun violence.
The bill was introduced, along with Waxman, by Pallone, Capps, Shakowsky, Matsui, Napolitano, and Danny K. Davis (Illinois).
The bill in Section 1, Title I begins by banning access to do-it-yourself assault weapons and in Section 102 forbidding even advertising do-it-yourself assault weapons.
First, all firearms can be described as “assault” weapons, depending upon the person wielding it and its use.
Second, not one of the shooters in Colorado, Connecticut, and most recently in Maryland used firearms that were “do-it-yourself”. The problem, beyond that, is that the bill will forbid anyone customizing their rifle in some matter; and poorly written, like Obamacare, could even be construed to where firearm owners would not be able to mount a rifle scope on their firearm as a do-it-yourself project.
It is absurd, just as most gun control laws and regulations and has not deterred firearm violence as the persons who submitted those gun control laws and passed promised. It is as absurd as banning pressure cookers because the Boston bomber(s) used it to make a powerful explosive device.
In the Title II section, the bill promotes the advancement of research on serious mental illness, which circumvents and ignores the real problem – the system is broke and law enforcement is ignoring prior records of mental problems that may lead to circumstances such as the naval yard massacre. Indeed, not only was the shooter's mental state ignored, but he continued to have security clearance which allowed him access to commit his insane mission.
Waxman, being a good democratic-socialist, put in the bill for improvement of the Mental Health Workforce, which would increase government scope and cost the taxpayers more dollars and put the government further into debt. One wonders if Waxman and those like him should be evaluated with a mental competency exam.
And finally, the bill expands a system that is already in place called Mental Health Services to include “wellness” education, children's recovery from trauma, availability of inpatient beds, and reporting requirements for block grants regarding mental health and substance use disorders.
If the bill is to prevent any future mass shootings, why is there a need to spend funding on a children's recovery from trauma program?
The bill specifically would ban, if passed, what is termed as an assault weapon parts kit; or a machinegun parts kit. Waxman (and company), being ignorant as most of the members of congress are, failed to realize that machineguns are restricted/banned and thus, so the parts to them.
Election 2014 is around the corner and it is the opportunity to clean out Congress, but in this case, due to past record of electing morons (like Nancy Pelosi) in California to serve in Congress – Waxman and people like him will continue to waste tax dollars and congressional time with bills that do nothing by further the big government agenda of the American progressive socialist.
Since we have background checks, a system, already set up – why not improve it to ensure that people who are under psychiatric care or have previous violent convictions be included in those background checks in order to create a prevention program. However, it must be set up and not tied into a program such as Obamacare; otherwise, those in our government may use it in a negative and unconstitutional manner by putting people falsely on the no firearm list without clear and legal reason. Remember, once on a government list, it is almost impossible to get a person off the list, even by submitting an appeal. The system could be used to target individuals, like the IRS did and continues to do, where people are on the no firearm allowed list wrongfully.
In final analysis, this bill would prevent gunsmiths who are registered with the ATF and possess an FFL, would not be able to order lower receivers for repairs or customizing firearms for their customers.
Like much of what Waxman and his cohorts do in Congress, which is nothing that addresses real issues, this bill, if passed, would not do what it was intended and certainly would cause problems with law abiding firearm owners, gunsmiths, and manufacturers.
This bill is presently put before a committee, and fortunately, the chance of it passing zero percent; but it is a prime example of why We the People must elect people who serve in Congress who are statesmen and stateswomen – and not political prostitutes. Most importantly that they be constitutionalists with the agenda to get rid of or revise the myriad of legislation that has already passed and have the mindset that it is not the quantity of bills that are passed, but the quality and constitutionality being a prime factor.
Waxman, and others like him (Nancy Pelosi), is a clear example of why term limits must be established and allow no more career politicians in the US Congress.

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