Sep 27, 2013

Two Vietnam MIAs Return Home and Kerry Signs UN Anti-Gun Treaty

Major James Sizemore
The bodies of two MIA Vietnam Air Force aviators were finally recovered and returned home for burial at Arlington National Cemetery this week. Major James Sizemore and his navigator Major Howard Andre were buried side by side just as they flew their missions.
The Air Force had to decline the customary flyover to honor these fallen men due to limited flying hours and budget constraints; which is parade of the Obama charade, like closing White House tours, to counter the sequester of Congress.
Major Howard Andre
However, the fallen aviators got a flyover thanks to volunteer pilots of the Warrior Flight Team who provided a flyover with a Douglas A26 Invader, the type of aircraft Sizemore and Andre were flying when they were shot down 44 years ago. The Invader was joined off its wings by two P51 Mustangs
Of course, the Washington Post blames Congress for lack of the customary flyover. 

Indeed, if our government was not spending so much money on foreign nations and people; we would have funds to take care of our own; but it is the President that decides how to use executive office funding.
A26 Invader - Major Sizemore
While there are not enough funds for a traditional flyover by the US Air Force, Obama uses Air Force One like his private limousine and sends for his dog on a separate flight on an expensive Marine helicopter while vacationing on Martha's Vineyard. He has used Air Force One for political fundraising engagements and numerous vacations.
Huffington Post, Washington Times, and CBS had their say about it.
Meanwhile, John Kerry, Secretary of State just signed the UN Anti-Gun Treaty and insists that this will not affect the Second Amendment rights of Americans. Senators threaten to block it, but Senator Harry Reid seems to have a plan to bypass for Obama, something not new with this administration who claims to “abide” by the US Constitution. 
One would think that before a secretary of state or president signed a treaty there would be congressional [Senate] approval first. 
The following is the flyover video for Majors Sizemore and Andre. The jets that followed the vintage aircraft of the Warrior Flight Team I did not recognize; but did not look like Air Force jets. At first, it appeared that the Air Force were granted permission, but seeing the planes they were most likely privately owned or property of an air club. 

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