Sep 27, 2013

Oscar Mossberg

Oscar Mossberg [center]
Oscar F. Mossberg was born in Sweden and came to the United States in 1886 and soon after his arrival he became an employee of the Iver Johnson Corporation in the bicycle manufacturing plant, owned by Norwegian-born Iver Johnson. His interests, however, were more in tune with the firearm part of the plant and his Hammer the Hammer he invented made Iver Johnson famous.
After about one year, Mossberg left Iver Johnson for a job as Superintendent of the Shattuck Arms Company that made palm pistols, revolvers, and shotguns.
In 1900, Mossberg joined Steven Arms Corporation, where he stayed for 14 years.
Marlin-Rockwell Light Machine Gun
In 1914, he joined the Marlin-Rockwell Corporation, a new manufacturer that produced light machine guns. He stayed until the company went bankrupt in 1919. That year he started a partnership with his two sons, Iver and Harold.
Mossberg was the first to produce an affordable rifle, first to offer a complete rifle with a telescopic rifle in one package, first to offer a rifle with necessary accessories like sling, swivels, peep sights, telescopic sight, etc.; first to drop the military finger grooved firearm style; first to produce a spotting scope with stand; and first to produce a range-finding telescopic sight.
In 1937, Oscar Mossberg died, but his sons continued their father's tradition and philosophy to offer reasonably priced yet quality firearms and accessories. [See O.F. Mossberg & Sons]
Mossberg firearms made Monte Carlo-style stocks the norm in the industry, as well as molded trigger housings that were spring-loaded with quick-release swivels and the first 3.5-inch barrel for his 12-gauge shotgun. Mossberg shotguns gained worldwide notoriety with guns like the Mossberg 935 Magnum, 835 Ulti-Mag, and the Mossberg 500 & 590 home defense and security weapons for military, law enforcement and personal protection.
It is the oldest family-owned firearms manufacture in the United States and the Mossberg pump-action shotgun is sold worldwide.

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