Apr 25, 2014

Sightmark Optic Solution

Sightmark has come up with a mil-spec laser light that is more affordable than the military models and still provide quality laser sighting. In addition, it is a multi-function accessory that is tactical and practical offering both laser and flashlight for the AR rifles. It is called the LoPro Combo. Looking at the photo you can see it is built to be rugged ...

The sight is Class IIIA green laser that is powerful enough to have a daylight range of 50 yards and night range up to 600 yards. It is fully adjustable for windage and elevations with 1-inch MOA click adjustments turrets, designed to keep its zero with rough treatment; like military grade models. You can zero it to close-range, that range being dependent upon how close. In home defense, using a laser sight, you could fire from the hip when the laser shines on the target.
Constructed of high performance thermoplastic that is weather resistance (rating IPX6), which is equivalent to high-seas marine conditions. It is built to last and durable with a resistance to 1000G maximum recoil shock.
The LED flashlight is no wimp either, with 220 lumen output, enough to light up a room; for those who think a flashlight is important in defensive firearms. As far as survival weapons, there are five considerations: (1) reliability, (2) ruggedness, (3) portability, (4) simplicity, and (5) effectiveness. The Sightmark LoPro Combo will help make your AR survival and home defense firearm more efficient and accurate with the plus of quick-fire engagement.
The LoPro Green Laser Designator is operated by a 1xCR123A battery (included) with a push-button on/off switch, and a pressure pad.
The MSRP is $119.96. [see Amazon Sightmark list after this article for better price]
It mounts on either a Weaver or Picatinny rail. It's effective operating temperatures range from 32°F to 120°F. It comes in a Matte Black finish. The laser battery life is 12 hours, the light system is 17 hours, and if for some reason you keep both on, the battery life is 4.5 hours.
I have written before about my thoughts on light systems on firearms. You may be able to see better in the dark, but you become an instant easy target. Night vision goggles or scope is the way to go to prevent yourself becoming easy prey at night.
For long-range day and night sighting, there is the Sightmark Triple Duty AT5G Green Laser Designator system with just a laser light (5mW) beam. Visibility is one mile (1760 yards) at night and 100 yards in daylight. It used the same battery as LoPro model and includes an on/off pressure pad, offset mount, and calibration tools. It also has MSRP of $119.96. This would be the model for me for it meets military specifications and is just a laser without LED light, which would not be used.
Triple Duty in red or green laser
If you prefer a red laser instead of green, there is the Triple Duty AT5R model, mil-spec Type II, with an effective night range of 1350 yards and 50 yards in daylight. It looks like the SM13034K model above, it just as a bit less of a range and red laser. As you can see, the green laser wavelength as more effective range than the red laser, despite both are 5mW laser types.
Whichever model you choose, you will have a dependable and rugged sight accessory for your AR rifle.

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