Apr 29, 2014

Boehner and GOP RINO Elite Need to Be Shown the Door Out

JD and wife, Aimee
J.D. Winteregg is running for Congress to take the place of Boehner as Speaker of the House – because Boehner: (1) is on the amnesty political bandwagon as a solution to illegal alien problem, (2) voted to fund Obamacare, (3) suspended debt ceiling and worked WITH Democrats to increase taxes and spending instead of against, (4) supports members of Congress to keep benefits like political retirement program that should not be afforded to anyone holding public office – they are NOT employees, they were elected (who gets retirement funds after eight years?); 

(5) he has failed to address the IRS issue that unfairly targets Tea Party groups and other political opponents of Obama policies, (6) he has failed to encourage the push to repeal the 16th Amendment, replace the income tax, dissolve or dwindle the IRS and replace income tax system with flat-rate tax system that taxes on consumption, not income; (7) failed to address the Benghazi scandal to seek full information and proceed to put on trial those responsible for personnel not being given security backup or aid when attacked; (8) Boehner purchased an $830,000 condo in Florida, where he spends more time there than in DC; (9) was elected in 1990 and has not left elected office for 24 years; (10) co-sponsored the George Bush No Child Left Behind Act, (co-authored by Edward "Ted" Kennedy) which increased federal control over the educational system after failing for decades; (11) voted to fund Planned Parenthood using taxpayer dollars for abortions; (12) Boehner stated that he trusts Obama and is constantly made to look the fool by Democrats.
Winteregg opposes amnesty and has a plan to solve the border and illegal alien issue:
  • Border Bond Program: Foreign workers (Mexican nationals) will be required to open a $1,000.00 bond account, and after approval, they are given a biometric ID ATM card. One half of income is automatically deposited into the bond account. If a guest worker does not return home on the appointed date, he/she loses the money in the account and it goes to border law enforcement costs. If a guest worker is convicted of a Class A misdemeanor or felony, they lose their money and the privilege of working in the United States.
  • E-Verify Becomes Permanent and National: The guest worker provides a Social Security number and Border Bond Account ID number to the employer. If the number is valid, the worker is employed. If the worker number is invalid, he/she leaves the country (see video).
  • Secure the Border: Provide state and local law enforcement control within their jurisdictions and with access to military surplus and funding to hire more border patrol personnel. National Guard exercises will be held in remote and areas where the drug cartel frequents.
  • Ten Percent Foreign Worker Tax: To date, foreign workers take about $58 billion per year out of our economy to Mexico. Meanwhile, US hospitals and emergency rooms are losing $10.7 billion per year in medical costs for treating uninsured foreign nationals. Ninety percent of the revenue of the tax could reimburse hospitals across the nation.
Thus far, no plan from Winteregg concerning illegal aliens embedded in our society; however, immigration laws are already on the books and clearly it is the responsibility of the executive branch to enforce them. While Obama is not the first president to ignore immigration laws (federal). Maggie's Notebook suggests:
We can begin by deporting the worst and working our way up, while what needs to be done to the borders is being done.
The order for a fence to be built across the southern border that provides decent security from intruders (invaders), was signed by GW Bush and approved by Congress. So why is it not completed?
The Mexican drug cartel is gaining ground in the United States, charging Mexicans up to $7,000 for passage to US; and those from Honduras, Guatemala, Syria, Iran, Algeria, Bangladesh, etc., pay up to $20,000. So much for security against terrorist threats. The US federal government is part of the problem and not the solution.
Here is the Winteregg plan on video:

Mr. Winteregg not only states there are problems, but he actually puts forth a logical plan to solve that issue.
Winteregg has another video he entitled: electile dysfunction … humorous but true: Too truthful because he lost his university teaching job (Christian small university) over it. I guess it was a little crude with Boehner at the end saying "Boner". ...

Also see: Texas Border Volunteers (like the organization they have in Arizona) at Facebook. Ranchers are tired of their land being trashed, used for illegal trafficking, and endangering their families and livestock.
Can anyone blame them?
This is Keith Lehman, and I approve the Winteregg message, and I don't play golf either.
Get rid of the RINOs and vote for constitutionalists who have a real plan for reform.
If you want to clean out and clean up Congress this congressional election year, JD Winteregg is the "egg" to do it.

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