Apr 20, 2014

Property Rights Is Important Like Other Rights

Maggie's Notebook is keeping abreast of the federal land grab issue and provides a map that shows how much land in each state has been commandeered by federal government. Note, that only 13% of land in Nevada state is privately owned. It looks like Alaska has the least private land in the Union.

Note also that Senator Harry Reid's son is making a deal with a Chinese solar company to sell some of that fed land at about one-third the actual market value. It's easy to waste and give away money when it isn't yours. All the while, the federal bullies is picking on a rancher who has had grazing rights for generations in his family. Friends and neighbors joined in the protest and the Feds who showed up like they were going to war, slammed a woman who recently recovered from cancer surgery and scared a pregnant woman with their dogs. If you are saying to yourself that this could not happen to you or someone you know – think again.
It was good when Theodore Roosevelt became the first President of the United States to set aside land to be used by the public to enjoy nature and all that it holds. It is also the first time in any nation's history that something was done. The key thing is that President Roosevelt (Teddy, not Franklin) recognized that it was land set aside For the People. As time progressed, the Feds saw an opportunity to lease the land to mining and other ventures to private companies for money in the treasury so they could spend more.
In reality, state government should be the overseer of such lands, reserved for everyone's enjoyment. Feds have been overstepping their authority since after the American Civil War. The self-declared “unification” president, BH Obama has caused such division that state governments have been actually considering separating from the Union, states like Texas that was once an independent republic.
Yep, America has become Obama Land, where cowboys are villains and race baiters, while Gay radicals and Marxists are heroes. Where criminals have more rights than their victims. Where it is inhumane to execute a murderer, but it is okay to execute an unborn infant. Where it is “social justice” to give 1%-2% of the population rights that counter rights of the majority. Where tolerance is afforded an intolerant religion that preaches hate and violence and intolerance toward another religion that cannot be allowed to practice their beliefs of what the Christmas holiday was created for, Ten Commandments and praying in public schools is forbidden, and business owners cannot stand by their religious conviction. Obama and company's “Change” is not what people expected because they did not bother to insist upon the details of that change. And the only “Hope” would be that Congress be cleaned out of corruption and unconstitutional politics, and ensure that from this year forward only constitutional presidents be elected.
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