Apr 24, 2014

From the Foxhole: Benghazi Report 2014

This report is based upon the Interim Progress Report and circumstances involving the attack upon the US embassy, nearby CIA annex) and personnel, to include Ambassador Christopher Stevens. Information was also obtained from the analysis by Judicial Watch, January 2013.
Ambassador's job description:
The ambassador represents her nation to the host country and to the world. For a developed nation like the U.S., that means living in an official residence, usually in the capital of the host country, as a credentialed foreign diplomat running an embassy. An ambassador attends official functions as a representative of her government, extends congratulations and condolences for significant events in the name of her government, and presents herself as an educated, culturally-aware ideal citizen. Ambassadors deliver messages--and criticisms--from their country's leaders, requiring clear communication and diplomatic finesse. … Negotiating was once the ambassador's role. Today the vice president or the secretary of state or even a head of state can get on a plane and be at the negotiating table in a matter of hours. … The role of protector, once concerned primarily with preventing any military adventures that would threaten sovereignty or interests, has become more complex and less central. Protection now encompasses economic interests, reputations and political alliances. It also includes the very real threats against embassies and diplomatic personnel that accompany the global rise in terrorism. Ambassadors are still on the front lines to discern and deflect any danger to their country's well being. … An ambassador is a personal PR team for his country, promoting its best interests at every turn and "marketing" his country in the best possible light. The job of an ambassador is to be persuasive and convincing, to win favor and favorable conditions for his country.
I do not see any part of the job description that shows that it is the responsibility of the ambassador and his/her staff to negotiate arms deals. But that was what Ambassador Stevens was tasked to do in the events that led to his death and that of those trying to protect him.
If he was performing such a dangerous mission in accordance with CIA agents stationed in Benghazi as intelligence liaison; he should have gotten the beefed up security personnel and procedures he asked for of the Secretary of State, Hillary R. Clinton, who is the chief of all ambassadors and diplomatic corps personnel.
In 2011, Ambassador Stevens was stationed in Benghazi as the American liaison to the Libyan opposition rebels, of which members were al Qaeda or affiliated Jihadists.
More details covering the history of Benghazi incident can be found at Discover the Networks.
This incident occurred on September 11th, 2012 and still none of the leadership responsible has been brought to justice and the foreign policy of Obama administration continues, despite the “retirement” of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, it is inept to put it mildly. Despite giving Ambassador Stevens dangerous mission, he did not have adequate security by the bosses who gave him the mission, a task that involved distributing arms to factions that are not friendly to the United States. It is the old ideology established by FDR – side with enemies of the enemy. It continues to be the policy, after backing several dictators over the decades and not learning from mistakes. Political factions on both sides of the aisle are equally to blame; however this Benghazi incident is a travesty that should not, cannot, be ignored – but it is. If this happened during the Bush administration, Democrats (and, I am sure, some Republicans) would be demanding justice and impeachment for leaving our embassy out to dry at the mercy of their own efforts to fend off being overrun by murderous soldiers of the Islamic Jihad. They did so for seven hours and the only help that arrived was special forces personnel who disobeyed the presidential order to stand down. They died with Ambassador Stevens.
There must be something wrong if the New York Times, a media that has stood by Obama no matter what he did or does, reported in October of 2012:
Most of the arms shipped at the behest of Saudi Arabia and Qatar to supply Syrian rebel groups fighting the government of Bashar Assad are going to hard-line Islamic jihadists, and not the more secular opposition groups that the West wants to bolster.
First Fast-N-Furious gun-walking and then Benghazi – all from an administration who continually assaults the Second Amendment rights of legal citizens of the United States.
The main charges are: (1) refusing security asked for prior to attack; (2) refusing to permit and send help on the night of the attack.
Secondary to this in regards to deep concern is that despite this happening before November elections (which Obama felt was priority to the lives of Americans) and the myriad of promises not kept, like increasing national debt faster and farther than Bush did; the American voter kept him in office by electing him in November 2012 for a second term.
Instead of continuing the fight against Islamic Jihad begun by Bush after the September 11, 2001 attack, Obama has aided US enemies and taken the Muslim Brotherhood in as partners; an entity that has underground networks in the US and is an old organization whose history is full of treachery and violent policies towards non-Islam nations and people.
Another important question is what was Ambassador Stevens doing prior to the attack, which occurred coincidentally after Turkish diplomats left via the area security checkpoint.
Secretary of Defense Panetta claimed he had no knowledge of what exactly was going on and “could not put forces at risk in that situation.” Another Obama chief needed to be put on trial.
Clare Lopez is an invaluable source, a senior fellow at Radical Islam organization and a strategic policy and intelligence expert that focuses upon the Middle East, national defense and counter-terrorism. She is a member of Center for Security Policy as well. She served for 25 years as an operations officer with the CIA. She also writes for Gatestone Institute, and other media.
Ms. Lopez has predicted that is Sharia Law is not suppressed, it will overrun Europe. 
We the People must not relinquish this to the dust bins of Congressional record and ensure that those guilty be tried and when proven guilty punished according to the maximum letter of the law. No president, and certainly not his delegated authority is above the law. We must ensure that those we elect this year and every election after are constitutionalists and when wrong doing is done justice is served no matter what political faction they belong to or what office they hold. 

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