Apr 30, 2014

When Accused and Guilty - Just Cry Racist

Wherever it Originates and Permeates
According to bias/racial sources, President BH Obama is being mistreated because he is “black”; disregarding the myriad of scandal that permeates his administration with himself enacting moves against the Constitution of the United States.
Any African American, an American with dark pigmentation who is a conservative and/or a constitutionalist and who seeks reformation of our government back to the way the framers intended and want the United States and its society to become great again – are “Uncle Toms”.
One would think that all of this would have passed into history, but it is the prime factor that continues issues and problems with racism. Americans like Allen West, Star Parker, Lloyd Marcus, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Alan Keyes, and much more. Truthful criticism and fact-based accusations are immediately answered by calling that person a racist – if they are not of dark skin pigmentation. If they are, they look upon the critic as an “Uncle Tom”, a “slave” to the “White” system.

The “White” system? I thought that descendents of slaves have been working at total equality? I thought that if they look upon themselves as Americans, they can see, by honest comparison, that our constitutional laws are the best yet devised; promoting liberty and justice for ALL. Not just the formerly oppressed part of American society.
People that are against Islamics who expect tolerance but provides none are also deemed racist. People who are against Islamic doctrine of hate and violence are Islamophobic AND racist. People cannot win, nor can they exercise the First Amendment. BTW: Progressives and RINOs passed a federal "Hate Crime" law - but it is selective as to who gets charged the preposterous crime.
There is always something lurking in the shadows when it comes to the federal government, run by self-centered politicians that voters mistakenly keep in Congress. 
For example, Harry Reid and the Bundy Ranch conflict. It is a story behind a story, and certainly does NOT have to do with desert turtles. 
Media is the biggest factor that Democrats get away with so much; yet Democrats or people that follow them and believe them, insist that they are always in the right; despite the fact that between both parties, there have been more Democrats found guilty of some crime or ethic violation than Republicans and Independent politicians combined.
Alex Jones video demonstrates how the media keeps racism alive.
BTW: Obama's golf tab to date is over $3 million. American voters have a chance this year to turn around this movement and get responsible and constitutional people in Congress. But will they do it? Keith Koffler says he had a nightmare about it.
Introducing Congressman Bennie Thompson (D-MS), definitely a Progressive, a self-identified socialist, who spoke on the Nation of Islam radio show run by traditional racist Louis Farrakhan.
He told listeners that ideas from black men are rejected just because a black man created it.
He is the one who sent a letter to Cintas, a uniform maker, threatening to illegally charge the corporation if they fired any of its 32,000 workers for using fraudulent Social Security documents to obtain employment. No wonder over 11 million illegal aliens still remain in the United States, they are protected by a federal government (those that operate it) who not only do not enforce the laws, but use certain regulations to their political advantage for actions not intended. GW Bush was president at the time. Washington Times wrote:
The Department of Homeland Security followed up on that announcement yesterday, formally releasing new regulations to help businesses comply with hiring requirements intended to reduce the hiring of illegal aliens — including setting guidelines for businesses when handling “no-match” letters from the Social Security Administration.
Diggers Realm commented:
Cintas has issued warnings to 400 employees that they need to correct the problem within 60 days or face termination. I think this is more than fair, because if you are a legitimate worker who somehow had a mistake made on your hiring forms, 60 days is plenty of times to show up and correct the issue.
In the recent broadcast on Nation of Islam, Thompson stated that Clarence Thomas is an Uncle Tom.
He also stated:
I’ve been in Washington. I saw three presidents now. I never saw George Bush treated like this. I never saw Bill Clinton treated like this with such disrespect,” Thompson said. “That Mitch McConnell would have the audacity to tell the president of the United States — not the chief executive, but the commander-in-chief — that ‘I don’t care what you come up with we’re going to be against it.’ Now if that’s not a racist statement I don’t know what is.
Apparently Thompson has been living under a rock. Remember the pictures on the Internet with GW Bush dressed in Nazi brown-shirt uniform sporting a Hitler mustache? Progressives accused Bush of all kinds of nasty things that proved unfounded, like orchestrating the 9/11 attack; yet ignored his actual bad policies and actions, like the Patriot Act and ignoring the growing national debt and economic collapse issue. Remember the scandals of the Clinton administration, specifically the impeachment hearings where Tricky Bill got off scot-free while the young Intern he had sex with had to literally go into hiding?
Yep, Mr. Thompson, nobody has been treated with so much disrespect as your precious Obama.
So, fellow Americans, it does not matter what your skin pigmentation – criticism or factual accusations are not allowed; especially when it comes to congressional investigations of fraud, racketeering, unlawful firearm trafficking, using IRS against political opposition, spying on citizens without warrant (unconstitutional), not sending troops to aid embassy personnel, bypassing Congress with executive orders, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera – if you do, you're a “racist”.
Racism is never going to end unless we, and I mean everyone, the majority, gets out from under the racist guilt trip and quit identifying each other based on skin pigmentation and instead as Americans, judged by their character, like Dr. Martin Luther King dreamed of. Too many Americans want to be more than just equal, they want a free ride. 
And Obama, well he revealed that in his book:
 "I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of twelve or thirteen, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites." That was Barack Obama in his book, "Dreams from My Father." [Patriot Post]

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