Apr 17, 2014

divide et impera: Hatred and Division - Democrat Party Platform

The following was produced by Doug Ross - Biff Spackle with permission to reproduce here:
Ancient Romans knew the recipe for subjugating: divide et impera, which translates: "divide and conquer". Obama was a community organizer before he joined the Chicago Political Machine, which both use political tactics from Marxism and the infamous organizer, Saul D. Alinsky, which Obama could be seen carrying around Alinsky's book in his first months of office in 2009. Of course, Obama operates at his own level of the Alinsky Recipe.
Establishment Republicans do not get off the hook either, like Boehner, McCain, Graham as examples. We need Tea Party constitutionalists, either independent or true Republican. Good news: Michigan makes the 34th state to join the Constitutional Convention which means that that is enough for a two-thirds majority. I am Constitutional Convention Wisconsin Member #004. It is also a direct means to rid Americans of the intrusive, corrupt, and complicated income tax system as well as the feared and hated IRS. It is also a way to rid Americans of the so-called Affordable Care Act. It is a way to reestablish the Constitution that was created by the Founders in the first Constitutional Convention was in Philadelphia 1787, which insisted upon a government with limited powers where the central (federal) government delegated to state governments.



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