Apr 29, 2014

Bundy Neighbor Rancher Tells What Really Happened with BLM

The following video is the day the rancher is mentioning ... notice the stupid question by news media about children. ...
According to Shiree Bundy Cox - they have written rights passed down at least three generations to graze on that land; thus the reason why Clive Bundy would not pay the federal fees.
Another video showing riders and walking people slowly as the first video describes ...
The following is a good overview of what the whole thing is all about. Much different than mainstream media, bias blogs like Newshounds and their progressive socialist followers (who called Bundy a "welfare queen", et cetera. Facts that Senator Harry Reid ignored and even made statements not true: Bundy did not refuse to pay for grazing rights, only to the feds, saying he will pay the county any fees not to the federal government. In addition, it is public land, which means it belongs to the People, not the government, the latter only being a caretaker. Fed excuse of protecting the desert tortoise is lame. Senator Reid also lied when he stated that Bundy was not paying his taxes - which he made the comment on national TV; but this would not be the first time that he made false statements about others beyond his circle of corrupted politicians.
Here is a good discussion ...
Bottom line: Feds, if they thought they were legally in the right just had to go through process of putting a lien on the Bundy ranch until alleged fees were paid. Instead, they sent heavily armed federal BLM agents. I agree with Bundy and friends - thanks to God that the Feds did not open fire (as they stated) and kill unarmed innocent people. Too much media and cameras there to do that.
Odd, the Feds are worried about a turtle; but Bundy cattle was mistreated.
It is about time that the truth be out - and the brainwashed get educated. This was not just a stand against federal authority, which bullies state authority. It is a case of the federal government proving that it has, for decades, gone far beyond the limitations prescribed by the US Constitution that those that operate OUR federal government have long forgotten and still ignore.
Want to know the kicker: this demonstration of brute force by an unconstitutional government is using equipment, firearms, ammunition, et cetera, that taxpayers are paying for - and being used against those very taxpayers. A clear abuse of power. A clear reason why We the People need to demand, that our constitutional republic return to abiding by their oaths of office and the articles and amendments of the Constitution of the United States.
It is time to end abusive powers of agencies, repeal the 16th Amendment, and rid Gestapo agencies of Washington, DC - IRS a major one.
Finally, Judge Jeanine Pirro provides report ...

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