Apr 17, 2014

Weapons of Choice: SIG Sauer M11 and Other SIG Firearms

Most everyone is aware that the official US military handgun was changed from Colt M1911 (in service for more than 100 years) to the M9 manufactured by Beretta. In the civilian world, both firearms are popular, but Glock has upstaged them both. In competition against Glock, most popular caliber being the .40 caliber. Springfield Armory produced an excellent handgun in 9mm and .45 ACP.
One excellent pistol that does not seem to get the attention it deserves is the SIG Sauer P-series that was established in the 1970s. It is a firearm manufacturer where J.P. Sauer & Sohn of Germany combined with Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaft (SIG) of Switzerland. Two nations that produce quality manufactured products; matching Italian companies like Beretta, Uberti, and Benelli.
Colt would have retained its contract that has lasted many decades if it would have developed a double-action chambered for 9mm, which is the NATO standard ammunition for handguns. 
Of course the action of the famous semi-auto action components created by John Browning has been copied and used in firearms around the world. Although not the only inventor of fine firearms around the world, Browning invented more firearms than anyone to date, most still used around the world.
The SIG Sauer M11, the P288, is chambered for 9mm Luger and a new version was released last year in the civilian market. The M11 was issued to US Naval Aviation and various units of each branch of the US Armed Forces. It has a solid stainless steel slide, short-reset trigger, three-point sight system, and a 15-round flush-fit magazine. The following video explains perfectly:
As the video states, the M11 makes a great and dependable conceal-carry firearm.
For those veterans who prefer the .45 caliber, there is the SIG 227:

For those who not only like the .45 caliber ammunition, but the look and feel of the M1911, SIG Sauer has the 1911 P227. It comes in three models: Nitron, Carry Nitron, and SAS Gen 2 and available in stainless steel. It got a good review by law enforcement personnel. A lot of Glock .40-caliber pistols are being seen in the used section of gun shops because law enforcement is returning to .45ACP and 9mm. The light weight polymer construction does not do well with the .40-caliber recoil characteristics. In addition:
...agencies and officers are rethinking the .40 is the improved performance of the new breed of 9mm and .45 ACP cartridges.
It might be a reason of economics because 9mm and wholesale, military grade .45ACP is cheaper.
When it comes to dependability and quality out of the box, you will like one of the models SIG Sauer offers. I do not like a couple models, but do not denounce their quality – it is strictly personal preference. I do not like the Glock, but it has nothing to do with quality and dependability – I just do not like boxy ugly firearms, like the P224 and P229. If they look like a M1911 or the James Bond genre firearms and of good quality – I like it. I am not against the new polymer parts on firearms because I know how far technology has made such material strong and dependable. Like automobile purchases there are many quality models by manufacturers, but it all boils down to preference.
The P210, used by the Swiss Army produced in Germany is a beautiful firearm with a wooden grip. It is a historic firearm machined from solid billet stainless steel coated with Nitron and the familiar beavertail of the M1911. It has an excellent manual safety, internal drop safety and the wooden grips give it a classical look.
If you are looking for a conceal-carry in a smaller caliber, check out the P232 in .380ACP. It is a favorite of the lady shooters because it fits nicely in a purse and more discreet when in a proper holster. It comes in a blued model, two-tone, and stainless. It weighs about 9 ounces. It is popular with federal agents for off-duty carry and other law enforcement personnel. It also comes in 22LR, which despite what large caliber enthusiasts say, is a reliable and light conceal-carry – and the ammunition is more affordable to burn at the range.
P232 w/conceal holster
While I like the look of the P232 and its form and contour for quick holster retrieval, I wouldn't own one until SIG Sauer offers a P232 chambered for 9mm Luger. Since it looks so much like the “James Bond” type firearm, one would have thought that it would come in 9mm. Suppressors are available for .22LR and 9mm barreling.
Another great feature about SIG Sauer is their SIG Sauer Academy. Specifically designed for professionals like law enforcement to become better shooters, civilians are most welcomed because of their policy of enforcing and maintaining standards of safety and marksmanship. The Academy is a good choice for those who have a conceal-carry permit and for hunters who want to be more proficient in long-range scope rifles.
SIG Sauer manufactures rifles and performance ammunition. Rifle models run from the SIG522 (.22LR) to the SIG50 (.50-cal), geared for law enforcement tactical shooters and sport shooters.
The TAC-2 offers an advanced precision rifle system that is a bolt-action rifle offered in multi-caliber - .308 WIN/.338 LAPUA with or without muzzle brake. Options are available.
SIG-3000 Patrol
The SSG 3000 Patrol is another bolt-action rifle offered in a 24” and 18” barrel. It has a short-throw bolt action, Integral Zero MOA M1913 Rail, barrel threading for a muzzle brake or suppressor, and MOA accuracy. Suppressors for rifles is available for 5.56 or 7.62 barrels.
For those who like the AR rifles, SIG offers those two in several models and configurations. I like the extended bolt-catch and ambidextrous magazine release with quick-detach sling mounts. The tensioning device for the lower/upper receiver is an excellent addition to a rifle style that is used all over the world and considered the most reliable and durable rifle today. Bolts are designed for longer life than military standard bolts. The gas valve is adjustable as shown in the following video:
SIG716 offers a heavier model that is chambered for the NATO 7.62x51mm ammunition that offers the standard telescoping stock in those models. The magazine is designed and made by MAGPUL. Comes with the standard 20-round magazine (unless you live in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, or Connecticut).
The ultimate in long-range bolt-action rifles is the SIG-50. Chambered in .50BMG, it has a bipod, detachable stock, 5-round magazine and anti-glare protective finish. Muzzle brake and special recoil stock helps with the heavy recoil in the caliber chambered for.
The US Army, early in 2014, authorized a contract with SIG Sauer. The firearms will be distributed to the following international customers this year: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Secret Service, Navy Criminal Investigation Service (NCIS), U.S. Navy SEALs, U.S. Air Force OSI, British SAS, French National Police, and the Colombian National Police.

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