Apr 23, 2014

Good News from US Supreme Court , And Other Stuff

Good news for constitutionalists from US Supreme Court … Justices decide states can end racial preferences without violating Constitution. The justices did their job when they ruled in favor of the Michigan court ruling that affirmative action in that state will be banned in cases concerning college students. The 6th US Circuit Court declared that the act was unconstitutional, and so it went to the US Supreme Court who abide by their oath of office to let the 6th US Circuit Court know they are wrong. In a nation conceived in liberty and justice for all – how can government declare that certain citizens require elevation above other citizens when it comes to equal opportunity. The qualifications for anything, be it college or a job should be solely upon the qualifications of the individual – regardless of gender, age, race, creed, or religious beliefs. It is and always has been against even the Civil Rights Act – which declared that people could not be discriminated against because of the aforementioned. 
Now I hope the justices do their job concerning the Hobby Lobby US Supreme Court case
Thomas Sowell writes a great article, as usual entitled The High Cost of Liberalism. It has to do with the high cost of liberalism (progressive socialism), and not just referring to funding costs.
And speaking of high cost, even Obama is wincing over his student-debt forgiveness program. As predicted all types of scams would occur and the cost of funding education has increased about 43%. Keith Koffler provides a case study at his website.

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