Apr 24, 2014

Bundy Incident Not Waco - But ...

The main issue, at least with me about the Bundy ranch in Nevada, is that the Feds used armed action instead of just going through legal process and putting a lean on his property. They did not have to steal his cows nor send agents to storm his ranch. Americans are sensitive about that since incidents like the Elian Gonzalez case in Miami (General Reno & Clinton), Ruby Ridge incident [George H.W. Bush] and Waco, Texas. [Clinton was president with General Reno as US Attorney General].
Members of the Waco Seventh-Day Adventist Church were suspected of weapons violation and a search and arrest warrant was obtained by ATF agents. When the Feds attempted to legally raid and what happened is still controversial. The Waco standoff lasted 51 days, and finally the FBI decided to begin assault with tear gas with armored vehicle as backup. In the Mount Carmel Center there were 76 men, women and children, 54 adults and 28 children died with their leader, David Koresh. Janet “General” Reno led the charge to Waco.
Ruby Ridge started with a warrant and assault by Feds. Although Weaver was guilty of selling illegal shotguns to an undercover ATF agent; when they decided to assault his homestead, they shot and killed the family dog, which then Weaver's son returned fire and was also killed by the posse. During the siege, a sniper shot and killed Weaver's wife while holding their infant, standing unarmed near a window.
In the case of Bundy, authorities say he owes back pay for grazing rights on “public” land; which he does, and he refused. Media have often stated untruthful allegations, like he owes $1 million; but investigation uncovered it amounts to a little over $200,000 for 20 years of grazing fees. Bundy says he has grazed the land long before the 1960s, when laws were passed that countered the Desert Land Law Act of 1877. Media once again states that his family did not have that land since 1877. He has not paid the fees since 1993 in a protest that is known as civil disobedience. He took his protest to court over 20 years without any agreement reached other than the Feds saying he owes grazing fees. Despite the Desert Land Law, Nevada added in its constitution that provided the right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory. It is pretty much what the Federal government did for all territories that wanted to become a state – a sort of blackmail, where Feds would gobble up huge tracts of land; sometimes providing homestead rights in order to encourage settlement and national growth.
Weaver was wrongfully attacked because of a clerical error in issuing the warrant and a federal agent entrapped Weaver in selling shotguns under the legal length, not by just asking him for purchase, but coercing him into it. That is called entrapment. Weaver lost a son and wife over that.
The general contention is that Bundy is a “deadbeat” and refuses to pay what others do. No argument on that point, despite that Bundy bases his rights on the land because the family had been using it since 1877 – long before any of those laws to gobble up funds for an overspending government, when it rightfully is called “public” land and it belongs to the people. So certain media pundits are saying just because everyone else is paying, so should Bundy. What should have happened is that everyone who pays to use the Gold Bluff area, should have stood with Bundy and refused to pay for grazing on public land. It is for everyone to use and the Feds have no right to charge for using public land.
The Feds clearly used unnecessary force. They should have just put a lean on his property until it was paid for, and if he did not pay – foreclose. This occurs elsewhere and is legal and non-violent. But no, the Feds have to send armed agents and steal his cattle, causing injury to some and life-threatening circumstances to some young calves.
That is what the issue is about. Now that the cattle was returned to the ranch, the legal authorities should issue a lien on his ranch and provide him reasonable time to pay it. If not, foreclose and put ranch up for sale to reimburse Feds for grazing fees owed and legal fees.
That is what should have happened.
I saved the Elian González incident for last because that was one of the worst incidents of all. Elian's mother died trying to get her son to freedom, drowning while attempting to flee Cuba and get to US where she had relatives who are legal citizens. His father demanded that his son be returned to Cuba and the Cuban government echoed those demands to the communist friendly administration of Bill Clinton. Oddly, the US Supreme Court declined to hear the case, so federal agents were sent, armed to the teeth, to seize González from his relatives and return him to Cuba – against his dead mother's wishes. Chronology is HERE.
The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, Georgia ruled that Elian must stay in the United States. Elian's uncle wanted time to appeal for an asylum hearing because the federal government, under infamous General Reno, wanted him returned to Cuba.
In 2013, Elian demonstrates he has been thoroughly indoctrinated into the system and by his communist father, not thanking for being saved and fought to stay in a free nation.
Pulitzer Prize photo
When the Feds came to get him, once again unreasonable force was used – no one getting hurt this time, just an angry and fearful uncle and Elian being marked for life over the incident. Thanks to Reno and Clinton, Elian is a full-fledged communist slave.
Today, we are told that we should help immigrants even if they are illegal. Mexicans crossing our borders uninvited are not seeking asylum, like Elian's uncle tried to do and sponsor him to become a citizen. Instead, they are grabbed by boot-stomping agents and flown, courtesy of the US Air Force, to Cuba where he becomes Castro's poster child for communism.
Bundy's story should not be compared to any of these incidents; however, it is becoming increasingly clear that the federal government looks upon legal citizens as the enemy instead of the real enemy; like the Mexican racist organizations that insist that invasion is necessary to gain lands lost after the Mexican-American War and Jihad training camps still operate funded by false-front Islamic organizations operating in our nation.
What truly upsets me is that the feds are reducing funds for US military national defense and screwing the veterans out of money promised; all the while building the "home-front" security based consisting of executive branch departments and spending for armored vehicles, extra ammo, and more M16 rifles. Are they planning for an invasion? If they are, they need to send those resources to the southern border - but they are not. Instead they are using them to train their federal troops and agents in the streets of America - for urban warfare. This has happened since Obama got into office, and he did make a statement:
Read what Allen West has to say about this subject.

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