Apr 5, 2014

Fort Hood Shooting - Again

Not much to say about the Fort Hood shooting, the media has covered it extensively, except personal feeling of sadness and wondering what is going on with Fort Hood. What is going on in the US Army? Other armed forces personnel have not been involved in such heinous acts. This is beyond unsettling for those living in and around that US Army base. In 2009, an officer who was a supporter of the Islamic Jihad movement killed 13 people and wounded others. He now sits on death row waiting to be executed.
Specialist Ivan Lopez injured sixteen people and killed three in what apparently was anger that he was told to come back later to get a leave form he requested. He then committed the act and then killed himself. The US Army has admitted he was undergoing mental health treatment and evaluation, which comes to the point I have made before: What good is a background check if records are not kept up-to-date?
When the US Army placed this man in a status of mental health treatment, they should have sent word to the FBI center that handles background checks. Thus, when the shooter went to the local gun store, ironically the same one the soldier that committed the previous heinous act had purchased his firearm, there would have been a red flag and denial to purchase a firearm. The gun dealer then could offer the person the forms to fill out to appeal the background result, if wishing to do so.
On April 3rd, Harry Reid, the Progressive senator from Nevada, spoke to reporters stating that the gun control push should be revived – naturally. No mention that the background check did not reveal that Lopez was undergoing mental illness treatment and/or evaluation. So how can firearms or even the dealer can be blamed for what Lopez did and blaming Lopez instead of an inanimate object?
Reid did say to The Washington Post:
As I was told today, [Army Spc. Ivan Lopez] bought his gun a day or two before he killed these people. Couldn’t we at least have background checks so that people who are ill mentally, or who are felons, shouldn’t be able to buy guns? ...law enforcement officials ...said the pistol used by Lopez ...was purchased legally last month ...This means Lopez went through a background check to get the gun, which also means the failed Senate gun bill would not have stopped Lopez from getting it.
How so, Senator Reid? The firearm he purchased and used to kill people was not on the list you and Feinstein put together that failed to pass because it is totally against the Second Amendment. What he is saying is the Progressives are doing what they do best – taking advantage of a crisis for political gain. What he is also saying is that the ultimate goal is to ignore the Second Amendment (or repeal it) and take all firearms away from lawful citizens.
As far as Lopez, he saved taxpayers a trial; but sadly he leaves behind a wife and child and grieving family members who cannot fathom why their son would have done such a thing. Indeed, his biographical background only shows that he was a good citizen and community minded. As far as what happened to him to make that change is no longer the issue because that should have been addressed before he felt compelled to do what he did.
Senator Reid, that is called responsible prevention. And even then, as the senator should know, evil people will still commit evil acts and people who lose self control like Lopez will have access to firearms as long as the background system is not on top of things. Psychiatrists, whether US Armed Forces or civilian, should be responsible for reporting any treatment to the proper agency so that the background system can be updated.
It is the same principle of that which the US Armed Forces constantly drill to their personnel: preventive maintenance is important and beneficial, whether it is a firearm, vehicle, or a system.
Instead of busily trying to undermine rights of lawful citizens, Mr. Reid, you should be focusing on what to do about knee-deep corruption in the Obama administration and within the ranks of Congress – starting with yourself.
And I agree with the CNN story that asks: What is it with Fort Hood?
Another concern is this generation of military personnel. Bombarded with political correctness and progressive, double-standard policies; coupled with the attitude that blame is too often pointed in every direction except in the direction of what is called personal responsibility. According to information thus received, it seems that soldiers are getting on the "bandwagon" to immediately proclaim they do what they do or cannot cope with what life dishes out because of an event in their life.
My son's track coach was right: We are raising a generation of wimps. There is no indication that Spc Lopez underwent any sort of combat experience that would lead to such a heinous act. 
So what is the solution besides confiscation and harassment of lawful citizens?

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