Apr 4, 2014

Optic Product Line-Up for 2014

MagPul modified AR-15
Scopes for the AR-15 [and M16] has come a long way, just as sniper scopes have improved since my days using the M24 US Army sniper rifle, a configured and tuned M14 made to fire semi-auto only until the new tech-advanced high end rifles arrived in the military inventory.
In the 2014 line-up of new and/or improved products, I will begin with my picks of quality scopes and other accessories for the AR-15.

AimPoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic): MSRP = $420 at aimpoint.com. Based upon the US Army quick-fire, close engagement system patrols use in urban areas, this optic is read to go after you drop in the battery that is included and turn on the electronics. The battery is supposed to last three years. The sight is a parallax-free and non-magnifying red-dot sight that has no switches or levers to fuss with. The center dot has ten brightness settings and there is a detachable space provided to use with iron sights, if that is what you want as an alternative. The Modern Shooter magazine in the spring edition for 2014 has a vast amount of information about the AR-15 – its patriotic heritage and military history with information about the various AR calibers for every purpose or preference. It is a rifle that will take field conditions that leave other rifles in the dust, including the popular AK-47 whose cheaper price tag make it popular. Not much out there that can match the AR-15's reputation of ease of maintenance and cleaning – especially when using the military standard CLP, Break Free oil. It may be more expensive than other oils, but you can't beat how a little bit goes a long way and keeping your firearm investment [any firearm] safe from rust, corrosion and operating wear and tear. In my book it is the best synthetic-based cleaner, lubricate, and preservative oil thus far, always available in my workshop. I use it for oiling and cleaning knives as well. But I digress from the 2014 product list …

Trijicon ACOG: The name alone means quality, if you can afford it. This scope has been battlefield tested by the US Armed Forces and is enhanced by the small red-dot sight on top of the scope tube. Officially called the TA31FRMR, it has a 4x32 main scope with a red chevron .223 ballistic illuminated reticule (fiber optics & tritium) and allows for bullet drop compensation to 800 meters. The RMR sight sits on top with a 3.25 MOA aiming dot for quick sight engagement in closer environment. Its MSRP is $2,245. They have awesome military equipment. If you can afford it.

Burris AR-536: Burris is one of my favorite brands of optics that have several affordable, but quality options. The AR-536 is no exception with a 5x magnification and a 36mm objective lens, one can reach targets at 600 yards and still have bright, clear images. MSRP at Midway USA is $399, but is on sale for $359. Shop around for better pricing, for example, Brownell offers the same sight for $349 for 3x and $399 for 5x. The Midway USA sales price for 5x is better, but does not come with flip-up lens covers, while the Brownells Burris comes with 5x and 3x, both with covers. Burris designed this scope for lawmen, military, and competitive shooting. Red or green illuminated reticule provides quick response target acquisition for close targets and accuracy for the distant target. Powered by a CR2032 battery that is included, it works best with 5.56 or 7.62 ammunition. This is my choice because I favor an AR that fires 7.62x39mm ammunition like the AK-47, which can be obtained more cheaply through the Russian import trade route. The sight has Picatinny rails so you can add an additional sight, laser, or a light. It has a Ballistic CQ and provides close focus of 25 feet with adjustment range of 60 MOA. It weighs 18.75 ounces, if that is a concern. MOA is great for calibrating different ranged targets and illumination is better to see, The sight height is 2.3-inches across the board with 5.56 62-grain military ammo or the 7.62 150-grain FMJ military ammo.

Taylor Firearms is one of the reputable companies that sells quality cartridge and black powder firearms, a dealer source for me. Here is a short video with Derek Rivers at the Taylor Firearms booth at SHOT Show 2014 ...

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