Apr 3, 2014

Larry Vickers: TacTV Visits Russian Counter Terrorist Advance Training Course

Larry Vickers is one of the best tactical training experts one can find today. He travels about giving handgun and home defense courses, scheduled to be held in various parts of the country. April 12-13 he will be in York, Pennsylvania teaching 1911 operator course and in Richmond, California at the end of April for handgun and carbine training. His 3-day home defense class costs $900 – but to have his expertise and experience while participating in hands-on training is worth the cost. The cheapest course is the handgun course at $300, which he will be teaching on May 9th in Phoenix, Arizona. As you can see he travels extensively with various sponsors and hosts. He posts his schedule and course costs at his website.
Larry also has a TacTV show on the Sportsman Channel and at www.tac-tv.com.
In the following Vickers Tactical TacTV video, he interviews Russian special forces counter terrorist experts practicing live fire exercises that would curl the toes and stand hair straight up to even a seasoned combat veteran.
An important warning here:  

I have trained in live-fire exercises during the course of my military experience that include quick fire, close drill, urban combat and live fire experience training like in a bunker with artillery rounds being lobbed in by practicing artillery units. But, as Larry states – this stuff is insane and would never be used for training exercises in US; but then again, this is happening in Russia …
Once again, PLEASE, never try this stuff on the range or anywhere. If you want to train, hook up with Larry Vickers and his courses, where you can train and yet do it safely. This video was presented for information purposes only and not encouragement to try any of it.

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