Apr 14, 2015

Ohio: 3-Year-Old Shoots 1-Year-Old

In Ohio, a three-year-old picked up an unsecured handgun and fatally shot a one-year-old boy. Response by the Cleveland Police Chief, Calvin Williams, was epic:
Everybody has to know [that] this fascination with handguns, not just in the city, but in the country, has to stop. We need to take a long look at what we're doing on the state, local and national level to keep these guns out of our communities.

This is a case of a parent not taking proper precautions. The tragedy was caused by a careless parent allowing a three-year-old boy access to a loaded firearm; but to the mindless and those seeking stronger control over rights and liberties of the People – the solution is to take away firearms from everyone. If the child caused injury or death with another object, say a power tool, is the answer to ban power tools from everyone except licensed contractors?
Organizations who protect the Second Amendment, the NSSF and NRA, for example, constantly stress safety and common sense when handling and storing firearms. Three-year-old children, children in general, are curious. Responsible parents keep a watchful eye on their little ones and ensure they cannot have access to things that can be harmful.
The real criminal here is a parent not being a responsible owner of firearms – take firearms away from her, not everyone. There is a child now who will be emotionally and psychological scarred because of non-parental supervision. Another child needlessly died. 
Please, if you decide to own and use firearms, constantly implement and be aware of safety issues – and teach children about firearm safety and never touch one without permission of adults and their supervision.

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