Apr 22, 2015

US Army M240 Contract and Recommended Products

FN M240
FN America was awarded a US Army contract for manufacturing M240 B, C, D and H machine guns, as well as spare receivers, December 2014. The delivery began in February 2015 that will cost $84.6 million.
Darrell Holland is a prestigious instructor at the American Gunsmith Institute, a life-long outdoorsman, survival expert, and master machinist. He has taught outdoor survival skills in Oregon and conducted seminars on shooting and survival across the United States for more than 18 years.
His company, Holland's Shooters Supply, Inc., is offering an excellent product called the Lightning Strike Fire Starter.You can purchase it at Amazon. It is not cheap at $62.50, but it does everything it is advertised to do and built to last. It is the last fire-starter you will probably purchase.
The following video is Darrell in an entertaining and informative video …
Hiram Cook's video shows how you can make wax-coated wood chips for firestarting.

Another product I would like to feature is the Real Avid Pro-AR15 firearm-specific utility tool. I have a general gunsmith utility tool that I carry to the shooting range, but this one is specifically tailored for the AR-15; but, of course, can be used for other firearm field repairs or take downs. Available at Amazon for $47.98 is is well made and features:
  • 11 Torx, Allen, Phillips, and Flat Drivers/Bits
  • 9-function bolt/firing pin/cam pin scraper and carrier scraper
  • 2.5” Raptor Claw Point knife blade
  • 1/4” Bit Driver, 1/4” Bit Wrench, Bolt Override Tool, Pin Punch, Tap Hammer and Metal File
  • A1 and A2 Front Sight adjuster and Ballistic nylon sheath
This is a tool that should be in your range bag for your AR-15. It is a tool that should be awarded a US military contract to be manufactured as issue to combat personnel to include in their M16 cleaning kits.
The AR15 Hunter provides an excellent review of the Real Avid Gun Tool Pro AR15

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