Apr 22, 2015

PJ Media: The "Brownshirts Are Back"

PJ Media points out that the “Brownshirts are Back” …
What is happening in American universities today has a clear historical parallel. In his seminal history The Coming of the Third Reich, Richard J. Evans explains how, in the early days of National Socialist Germany, the universities became centers of Nazi indoctrination in which students collaborated with stormtroopers (brownshirts) to terrorize dissenters

  1. It was above all the students who drove forward the co-ordination process in the universities.” At Eastern Michigan University last Friday, two showings of the film American Sniper were scheduled. But during the first, four Muslim students, Ahmed Abbas, Layali Alsadah, Jenna Hamed, and Sabreen Dari, climbed onto the stage and began to denounce the film, which many Islamic supremacists have complained is “Islamophobic” because it depicts Islamic jihad terrorists in a realistic manner. They were briefly arrested, but managed to get the second showing canceled.
  2. They organized campaigns against unwanted professors in the local newspapers…” There are precious few professors that today’s new brownshirts would care to campaign against, so they turn their fire toward campus speakers. David Horowitz spoke at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill last Monday, whereupon Manzoor Cheema, “Co-founder of Muslims for Social Justice,” wrote a letter to the campus newspaper, the Daily Tar Heel, saying that it was “distressing” that Horowitz had spoken, and “especially distressing in the wake of Chapel Hill tragedy where three Muslim youth were murdered.”
  3. “…staged mass disruptions of their lectures…”

Pamela Geller's address at the Temple University ...
Indeed, our universities and colleges have become a center of indoctrination for our children ... free discussion and looking at issues from outside the box are no longer permitted.
Folks, Europe is under siege ... and the United States is becoming a victim of religious fanaticism that promotes violence and global theocracy via subversion and infiltration of our national superstructure by people who are intolerant, but demanding tolerance. They use that tolerance to perpetuate their doctrine to change constitutional law as the law of the land to Sharia law, part of a system of oppressive theocracy. Presently, in certain places and in recent news, Muslims, members of the Islamic State are destroying historical treasures and Christian grave markers to obliterate everything that is not Islamic. If you think all of this is not going to eventually occur and cause chaos in the United States without decisive, common sense action - think again. We are imprisoning American citizens for traveling overseas and training with Islamic State authorities - committing themselves to aid enemies of the free world; when in fact, their US citizenship should be revoked and immediately deported after legal conviction is reached. 
We the People are not obligated to be tolerant toward a violent non-tolerant individuals, group, organization, or religion. We the People should not vote for any politician that does not take their oath of office seriously and loyally. We the People should not tolerate anyone or any entity that is determined to undermine the Constitution of the United States in an agenda to replace it with something a system of theocracy that is as oppressive as the Roman Catholic Church hundreds of years ago. Christianity has evolved, but Islamic fascists insist that they and the world live within the mentality and oppression of the 7th century. 
As pointed out by Ms. Geller, the Progressives are always moaning about "right of choice" when it comes to abortion and are against the death sentence ... but do not stand up for the rights of women trapped in a 7th century system, who live under the threat of death or the fact that abortion clinics are committing infantile genocide - just because too many do not want to be pregnant, not because they were pregnant from being raped or an unborn with serious medical problems or the possibility that a woman would not survive childbirth. Abortion clinics have become an alternative, deadly, contraceptive for the Progressives. They know exactly what they are doing as they suppress opposition to their ideology and propaganda programs. It is a tool that comes straight from the Communist Manifesto, along with social-class warfare.
If you do not want the United States to become infiltrated and its legal/social system corrupted with religious hatred and 7th century theocratic law - than We the People must speak out and take action. Political correctness has already caused damage, it needs to finally end. "Hate" speech has been condoned by one side of the aisle, while the other aisle is dubbed "Islamophobic". 
I do not, nor will I ever, condone persecution of Muslims who sincerely want peace and human rights; but we must no longer tolerate intolerance. It makes the First Amendment null and void for those who demand tolerance, but offers nothing but violence and hatred.
Let's get our universities back to becoming effective learning institutions, open-minded, searching for knowledge by seeking facts, not a nest bed for radical politics operated and governed by an oppressive progressive ruling class.
All of these concerns may prove moot because of BH Obama's Iranian policy, choosing Iran over Israel, as he and the Secretary of State negotiate a bogus deal that could lead to Armageddon.

Nuclear Winter by Carlos Tejeda
A nuclear winter would play havoc upon Obama's climate change program that is only intended to promote more government control with the benefit of increased/added tax revenue and regulatory fees - like what he and his comrades intend for the Internet.
Our leadership is reenacting the 1930s and due to their lack of leadership, Americans (and Europeans) will feel forced to return to the 1950s/1960s Cold War and start building fallout shelters again. 

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