Apr 7, 2015

An Unabashed Plug for The Patriot Post

It is April 2015, 240 years after the opening volley fired at Lexington and Concord that brought the American Revolution, achieved at great cost on both sides; whose victory enabled the Founders to create the greatest republic in the history of civilization, a nation was born that once was a role model for liberty. 
Our nation was the first to establish a written set of laws that promoted a limited government that became the Constitution of the United States and a contract between government and the people called the Bill of Rights, consisting of the first ten amendments to the US Constitution.
Mark Alexander is the founder of the first Liberty publication on the Internet established 19 years ago just before I first started publishing my essays and articles in a simple Internet journal. Mr. Alexander first named his publication The Federalist, today known as the Patriot Post, a publication that exists solely upon voluntary financial support refusing to use the IRS tax code of a nonprofit organization because it was not meant to be under the influence of the bloated federal government.
Currently, the Patriot Post has a donation campaign going on to support its cost of operation called the 2015 Patriots' Day Campaign. Please visit that site and provide an online donation, even if it is a small amount. It is worth the support as Mr. Alexander and his staff fight continuously to resurrect the constitutional republic that the Founders created and hoped would last. If you would rather send your donation by mail, click HERE.
Become a Patriot and on behalf of the Patriot Post and Mark Alexander, and myself who has been a supporter since 2001, I thank you in advance.

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