Apr 7, 2015

IRS, Gun Control, and a Fair Tax System

Lois Lerner, former IRS official will not be charged with contempt of Congress by the Justice Department despite the fact she refused to testify at a congressional hearing investigating her role in denying or delaying applications for tax-exempt status of the Tea Party and organizations for limited government. It comes to no surprise because government officials are rarely prosecuted for clear violations of the people's liberties and/or unethical misconduct; yet federal prosecutors process criminal charges against whistleblowers. John Kiriakou is a good example. He was a whistleblower concerning the CIA's use of torture and was the only one prosecuted.  
According to Ron Paul
The IRS is drafting a new regulation that would empower the agency to revoke an organization's tax-exempt status if that organization sends out a communication to its members or the general public mentioning a candidate for office by name sixty days before an election or thirty days before a primary. By preventing groups from telling their members where candidates stand on issues like Audit the Fed and repeal of the PATRIOT Act, this anti-First Amendment regulation benefits those politicians who wish to hide their beliefs from the voters.

The only way citizens can be protected against the unconstitutional power of the Internal Revenue Service is to eliminate the income tax code by repealing the 16th Amendment and replacing it with a flat rate consumption tax – passing the Fair Tax Act that has languished in Congress and ignored by every president since it was first introduced in 2000.
The IRS and its accompanying income tax code is a means to control and keep track of citizens; and despite that the income tax code is more easily cheated than a consumption tax, it means lost revenue. It is a system that is beneficial for both citizens and the government. Under the Fair Tax Act, the IRS would be reduced to a less powerful entity, less intrusive and become an office just for auditing.
Since the IRS's power stems from the tax system, the only way to protect our liberty from this agency is to eliminate the tax code. Promising to end the IRS is a popular applause line for politicians wishing to appear as champions of liberty.
Make April 15th just another day and create a tax system that is fair in that those that can afford to spend more pay more and those that cannot spend less on taxation – and no loopholes via income tax paperwork and refund system. Low income folks will still get a break. Social Security and Medicare will still be made in payments by citizens for their senior years and tax exemption will be put in place when purchasing things like food and home purchases. The government will gain revenue without raising or adding new taxation by collecting a tax based upon consumption that means tourists visiting the United States will also be a part of the tax revenue. Check out the details, and if it makes sense, start making phone calls and/or send letters or faxes that demand that your congressional representatives and senators pass the Fair Tax Act they have ignored for far too long. No one or no organization, especially the government has the right to take a portion of what you earn before you decide how and when to spend it. As Ron Paul stated:
Freeing the people from the IRS's tyranny is one of the best reasons to end the welfare-warfare state and return the federal government to its constitutional limitations.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) is introducing a bill entitled Support Assault Firearm Elimination and Education of our Streets Act that will:
provide up to $2,000 in tax credits for gun owners who voluntarily hand over assault weapons to their local police departments.
DeLauro has been on the band wagon to ban 'assault' weapons and insists her bill will not force citizens to turn in their assault rifles.
Last year, Lois Beckett wrote a factual piece at the New York Times about the assault weapon myth. Now the progressives are using the IRS and the tax code system to get people to turn in their 'assault' firearms. It was already tried between the years 1994 and 2004 and statistics show that it made little difference in firearm violence crimes. Politicians believe that making positive changes can only occur if they collect more tax revenue or pass draconian bills and/or more regulation. If something does not work, they never take the time to find out why and change their policies and ideology and thus changing the results.

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