Apr 28, 2015

Shooting Ranges: Target for Politicians and Building One With Safety in Mind

Apparently around the country anti-firearm politicians are using the indirect approach of their agenda to counter the Second Amendment and do what their proposed failed laws cannot do – make it so it is increasingly more difficult for gun owners to practice on ranges, both private and public. Rachel Alexander wrote an article published by Townhall concerning an historical gun range that has been politically and legally attacked for some time in Washington state, at least sixteen years. Rachel is the editor of the Intellectual Conservative and grew up in Kitsap County, Washington, so is familiar with the county's vendetta against this particular gun range.
A Gun Range Attack Archive is available HERE, documenting such activities around the country in different states. One of them in Illinois occurred when stray bullets damaged a neighbor's home while firing on a private shooting range. In this case, it is important for anyone wishing to have a private range on their property or already have one to know the best procedures and construction to keep a firing range safe, especially from stray bullets. 

Jim Thomas provided a video of how he built a firing range to prevent any safety issues when practicing on his property. He begins by telling how a neighbor had accidentally shot a bullet in another neighbor's bathroom to emphasize that stray bullets cannot be allowed on any range, public or private. …

If your lucky as Mr. Thomas was to get free material, in this case a load or two of clay, that could save you money. Railroad ties or beams from an old barn could be used to also save money on materials. If you do not have a tractor with a bucket like he has, often you can rent them by the day at your local rental outlet. 
If you happen to have hilly property or like the photo above, you can use the natural landscaping in your project. If you notice in the previous video, Thomas uses a suppressor on his rifle to prevent disturbing any neighbors. Presently there is legislation to reduce the out-of-date regulations concerning suppressors, incorrectly called 'silencers'; although Thomas' silencer was pretty close to silent.
In regards to a silencer, there is paperwork, fingerprinting, and a $200 fee in order to own just one silencer. It is because they were made illegal and became a controlled product, like owning an automatic weapon.
Here is another example of a range, the next video shows how bullet shrapnel is dangerous and the importance of having side berms added to your backstop …

The video above shows ways you can set up metal targets that last longer than paper.
Big Daddy Hoffman provides another video talking about his steel targets and who makes them, if you do not have the ability/opportunity to make your own …

The next, and last video, shows the step-by-step construction of a private shooting range …

If you want to save money following the previous video, use erosion netting instead of grass so and add mulch on top to curb plant growth on your berm.
Be responsible, whether at a public or your own private range and respect your neighbors if they are nearby. 

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