Apr 11, 2015

King Abdullah II: "Total Badass"

King Abdullah II is the national leader of Jordan and interesting fellow, eldest son of King Hussein whose mother is British-born Princess Munaal-Hussein [Antoinette Avril Gardiner] who met King Hussein during the filming of Lawrence of Arabia. Abdullah's father allowed his troops to work as extras on the film and visited the production site several times. Abdullah's mother is active in the development of nursing in Jordan.
His grandfather established the modern monarchy of Jordan that has a Parliament. Initially educated at a Muslim school, he studied at educational institutions in the UK and US and served in a British army elite unit. 

King Abdullah has 35 years of military experience. People call him the warrior king. King Abdullah is married to Rania al Yassin, Queen Rania of Jordan, who is an avid user of Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter – born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents. She also attended English schools and received a degree in business administration from the American University in Cairo. Briefly she was employed in the marketing department of Citibank and Apple, Inc. in Amman. In 2011, Harper's and Queen magazine ranked her as the most beautiful consort (first lady) in the world.
Abdullah has introduced a British type of cabinet government whose prime minister was elected in 2010 and replaced in 2011.

At 53 years of age he continues to personally train with and command one of the world's most elite Jordanian special forces unit (SOCOM) and has been an important western ally in the region. Unlike neighbors in the region, Jordan has no oil and so plans to develop nuclear power for internal energy. It has been dependent upon Iraq oil. King Abdullah initiated the Red Sea-Dead Sea project using nuclear power plants to save the shrinking Dead Sea and power nuclear plants with water. The nuclear plants will desalinate the water and pump it to northern Jordan. The country has few water resources.
In 2010, King Abdullah proposed a World Interfaith Harmony Week at the United Nations to promote peace and eliminate all forms of intolerance and discrimination based upon religion.
King Abdullah has an interest in the Internet and technology. He has a deep interest in the film industry and created the Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts in Aqaba. He provided 39 military helicopters for the film production of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen whose location was in Jordan. His personal interests also include science fiction, Jordan national football, sky diving, rally racing, and scuba diving. He appeared briefly in the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Investigations”. King Abdullah is the majority investor of The Red Sea Astarium (TRSA) project. A people kind of monarch, in 2013, during a Middle East cold snap, he helped push a car that was stuck in snow in a street. He has a website. It is in English and Arabic.
After the ISIS burned a Jordanian captured pilot alive, King Abdullah has been relentless in the fight against Islamic Jihadists and has led his Jordan Special Forces to fight them. He has pledged to eradicate Islamic Jihadists at “the very center of their strongholds”. Members of the US Congress have approved to provide Jordan $1 billion in military assistance in the fight against the Islamic State and terrorism. Business Insider dubbed him a “total badass”.
A recent email compared King Abdullah to our narcissist pretender president, “King” Barack Hussein Obama, and thanks to American voters, this is what we've got:

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