Apr 30, 2015

Weapons of Choice: Beretta PX4 Storm

Kate Beckinsale (Underworld) with a pair of Berettas
Anyone who knows me is aware that of all European firearm manufacturers, I favor Beretta, Uberti, and Sig Sauer, in that order. As far as quality is concerned, Glock stands among those names of quality manufacturers; but not my personal preference because of its design and feel. Scuttlebutt is that the US Army may ditch the Beretta in favor of something else, possibly replacing it with Glock.

PX4 Storm, Model F, 9mm in Stainless Steel
Beretta is the holding company for Uberti that makes quality replica firearms patterned after the American Old West, like Colt, Remington, and S&W replicas. Of course, Beretta has manufacturing here in the US, founded in 1977 at Accokeek, Maryland where it supplies military, police, and civilian pistols. It is the oldest firearm manufacturer (that still exists) in the world, family owned for 500 years. It has survived because of their pride in what they make and their innovation when it comes to firearm actions, as the Beretta line of semiautomatics clearly demonstrate.
PX4 Storm, Special Duty (SD), Model F, 9mm w/suppressor barrel
While the Beretta model PX4 Storm is not new as far as production history (2004), I wanted to add this conceal-carry handgun to my list of “Weapons of Choice”. It is a short-recoil, locked breech that is available in 9mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP calibers. The storm has the 3-dot sight system that is coated in Super-LumiNova for low-light conditions. The night sights last up to 30 minutes. Like its bigger brother, it comes with a Picatinny rail under the muzzle to add laser sight or flashlight accessories. The subcompact PX4 is offered in 9mm and .40 S&W with a DA/SA trigger. 
PX4 Storm Subcompact in 9mm or .40 S&W
The subcompact has an MSRP tag of $650. The subcompact is becoming popular and has had good reviews.
The following video was produced by Master Gunsmith Ken Brooks and Master Gunsmith Bob Dunlap, both who are instructors at the American Gunsmith Institute. Bob Dunlap is a nationally recognized gunsmith senior instructor that has become a legend in the gunsmith industry. Both give a good, professional review, along with Jack Landis, technical services director at AGI who has provided professional instruction for decades, who helped me through certain complications with .22 caliber rifle actions.
No matter where you live, United States or elsewhere, you can learn gunsmithing from these legendary instructors through video instruction. If you run into complications or do not understand portions of the course, the instructors are available for help. If you cannot attend a gunsmithing school or university course in person, the American Gunsmith Institute is a good choice. AGI also has hands-on courses available, and offers subscription to their monthly magazine that keeps you informed. AGI is dedicated in preserving the art of gunsmithing in the honor and tradition of John Browning (a gunsmith/inventor American legend) for firearms made everywhere, historical, military, and modern.

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