May 2, 2015

Amazing World-Wide Support for Nepal Earthquake Victims

AmeriCare relief worker in Nepal
As you must be aware by now, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Tamang, Nepal with great devastation, over 6,000 dead. Over the past couple of days, searchers look for victims still buried in the rubble whose agonizing silence brings no hope of saving anyone else buried.
Nepali immigrants – naturalized citizens (estimated at 30,000) in United States are concentrated in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey with smaller populations in Texas, Massachusetts, Illinois, and California. There are 5,000 Nepali in the Queens district of New York City. A makeshift candle shrine has been put up to honor the dead and missing in the aftermath of the worst earthquake of this century. It is hard to believe that a week has passed (April 25th) since the quake hit, but I am sure the time has been slow for the victims.
People from around the globe pitched in with the help of the United Nations to send relief supplies only to have it held up by custom inspectors at the Kathmandu airport. The Nepal government has complained after being chastised by the UN officials for holding up the supplies, that they are receiving unneeded supplies such as tuna and mayonnaise, so they insisted that all emergency shipments be inspected. I understand about the mayonnaise, but how could canned tuna not be useful to hungry earthquake victims?
The United States sent military aircraft loaded with US Marine Corps personnel to help, arriving today, to help moving supplies to the areas that need it. Secretary of State, John Kerry, stated that more support was on its way. The Nepali people are frustrated over their government's slow aid relief and tying up supplies at customs.
Nepal is nestled in the Himalayan Mountains and are primarily Hindu, the world's third largest religion. The devout people of Nepal believe the gods are angry because of the corruptness of politicians in their nation. Many visit the holy mountaintop temples to pray for their missing relatives and friends. Hundreds and thousands are homeless.
The devout worship daily at Basantpur Durbar Square to Nepal's living virgin goddess. Every morning priest from Taleju Temple bring offerings of flowers, akshata, dhup, and samaya baji. Amazingly, amidst the rubble of ancient temples and old palaces, Kumari Ghar stands untouched.
The following charities are providing aid and medical assistance. If you would like to help, contact one of them:
World Food Programme (United Nations)
The center of the relief program is handled by the Nepal Red Cross Society. Also the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).
Online donation is available. The Disaster Response Emergency Fund is providing food, shelter, water, and sanitation.
ActionAid USA is working with the Nepal government and emergency response teams.
ActionAgainst Hunger is providing the basic food, water, and other essential items and providing psychological support.
The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee is collecting funds for relief.
The American Jewish World Service has set up an emergency relief fund to provide help for the people of Nepal.
AmeriCares has sent a response team with medical aid and supplies. See their Facebook page.
The Wall Street Journal published an article explaining How the Nepal Earthquake Happened.
In 2011, a disaster of great magnitude was caused by an earthquake followed a tsunami. When it was over, 18,000 were dead ...

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