May 21, 2015

Recall: Weatherby SA-08 28-Gauge Shotgun

Weatherby has issued a Product Safety Recall for the SA-08 28-gauge semi-automatic shotgun. The affected shotguns display serial numbers on the receiver ranging from AN00001-AN02802.
The safety recall is based on reported incidents of accidental discharge upon bolt closure and chambering of a live shot shell. A corrective safety upgrade has been identified, which will be fully implemented upon completion of testing to achieve assurance that the safety upgrade prevents occurrences of accidental discharge as reported. Accidental discharge of any firearm can result in severe injury or property damage if the muzzle of the firearm is pointed in an unsafe direction at the time of accidental discharge.


USE OF YOUR SHOTGUN MAY RESULT IN AN ACCIDENTAL DISCHARGE AND SEVERE INJURY. STOP USING YOUR SHOTGUN IMMEDIATELY and call Weatherby at 1-800-227-2018, extension 6, or 1-805-227-2600 or check your serial number above to receive instructions on how to return the shotgun for the safety recall. Please do not return your Weatherby® SA-08 28 Gauge shotgun to the factory before contacting us for return instructions.

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