May 13, 2015

May 2015: Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day

Armed Forces Day is 16 May, a day set aside to honor all those who are presently serving our nation.

Memorial Day is 25 May, a day set aside to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, buried home and abroad from the Revolutionary War to present.
PLEASE, do not insult a veteran (making him/her uncomfortable or angry) and wish him a "Happy Memorial Day".

Washington Post published (2013) a good article about the confusion between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.
For many veterans it is a day of remembering those they knew, who had fallen. It is understandable why they get upset when someone confuses Veterans Day with Memorial Day.
Memorial Day traditionally is a three-day weekend and unofficially represents the ushering in of the summer season. Families often take the opportunity to have barbecue, picnic, and outdoor events. It is also been commercialized with the annual Memorial Day sales.
Let us remember what Memorial Day is for and honor those who gave their lives so others could live to enjoy their families on the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.

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